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Continuous Meaning











  a short form for why




 ya dabe


  may you live long {Hausa}






  to make fun of someone, diss.



  joke at another person's expense

 yahoo boys


  guys that use yahoo for fraud; they send you emails on your yahoo to send them some money or give them your bank account details claiming to use it for a purpose that is beneficial to you but it's a lie you will never hear from them again {e.g. I know say your broda na yahoo boy}

 yahoo yahoo


  frauds on the internet {yahoozee}



  internet fraud



  dance steps formed by a Nigerian artist known as Olu Maintain









  plenty or in abundance



  usually used to refer to a person who misuses opportunities regularly.



  it is used when refering to someone as a failure

 yama yama



 yama yama


  this word is used to describe something that is disgusting and probably sticky.









  to talk or communicate



  to pose, show off



  United States of America {USA; US of A}






  ass or buttocks






  prolonged absence



  a person who abandons his people/post/duty and is silent for a long period of time... also used as a synonym for silence {e.g. my boyfriend's gone yaradua on me again; yaradua is the best answer for a fool}



  length of cloth I went to market to buy some yards






  to Say; Talk




 yarnsh man








  gay guy.









  problem, get into trouble usually with the law or someone closely related.

 yawa don gas


  problem has started

 yawa don gas


  things have exploded into trouble!

 yawa don gas


  trouble looms

 yawa go gas


  there will be problem

 ye pa





  Exclamation, usually negative



  the name of the winner of the 1st ever edition of Nigerian idols. Yeka Onka



  light-skinned;Someone who bleaches their skin to become lighter. Common with the ladies {derogatory}; You be original yellow fever means you have bleached your skin to become light}; see that yellow boy!

 yellow fever


  a traffic warden; a group of policemen/traffic wardens, who used to conduct traffic in the 1990s and earlier. Nowadays, it's regular policemen {dressed in black} and MOPOs {see MOPO}, who conduct traffic, as well as collect bribes. {e.g. Bros, make you hide that Igbo now, we dey approach yellow fever.

 yellow fever


  hepatitis, jaundice

 Yellow Fever


  traffic policeman; A Yellow Fever stopped me; so named because of their orange uniforms

 yellow fever


  traffic warden

 yellow man


  Albino or very light skinned man.

 Yes now!


  Response of encouragement to rhetorical polar question. Shall I go buy wrapper at the market? Yes, now! Pronounced with a rising intonation on 'now'.



  bad/spoil; Useless and senseless; Of a person or a thing.



  for example, u tu dey yeye, means you're very naughty



  the behavior, trait, tendency or characteristic feature of a person who withdraws from an agreement at the implementation stage with any prior warning {e.g. this your Y-factor don dey too much, you dey fall my hand all the time}

 yi mu


  an awkward movement of the lips towards the nose acknowledging that someone is jonzing.



  {Yoruba}; to push one's lips as if pointing at someone with it in mockery.



  to run, or walk in a haste. 'Yon' is mimic from the word run. Yon is the way a typical Calabar/Ibibio man pronounces run {e.g. Dem don yon comot}



  far away or rather yonder

 yori yori


  sweetness, a good feeling about someone or something



  a tribe in Nigeria

 you are looking for my trouble


  You are trying a problem with me.

 you chop craze


  are you mad

 you chop witch?


 Are you a witchcraft?

 you dey mad


  are you crazy

 you don kolo


  you're beginning to act foolishly

 you for tell me


  you would have told me

 you go fear fear


  scared to death. Usually used to exaggerate the degree of an event or happening.

 you go know yourself


  a threat said before a confrontation or fight.

 you go wound


  dangerous, harmful, not for your betterement

 you're next o!


  you're in line to get married/have a baby etc...

 your father yansh


  Your father ass



  when "youth" is pluralized to "youths" it often means "young men". When "youth" refers to both sexes it is never pluralized.

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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