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Continuous Meaning














  to eat food



  to eat Man must wack! Name of chop-bar students' slang {Pidgin}



  Foods, heavy Foods, Afican Foods



  lots of money



  pidgin english



  problem or trouble.



  trouble, problem; I had plenty wahala; I had lots of trouble; This boy made wahala for me {Hausa}



  back, lower back My waist is paining me; I have back-pain






  to eat your food with a lot vigor

 wak for legedis


  walk with your legs



  walk away

 waka waka



 waka waka


  ashewo; prostitue



  one who enjoys walking around or walking around aimlessly






  walk {away}



  believe me or I swear



  I swear to God; believe me



  nut; eaten as a snack; Tetracarpidium conophorum






  to do or want to



  Policeman; also see eke



  to be about to, to be able to; The car didn't want to start






  to develop film So far; they didn't wash it they haven't developed it yet; to celebrate a new birth or acquisition such as a car When will you wash the car? When will you have a small celebration for your new car? {Hausa} e.g. Za mu wanke shi we will wash it, i.e. celebrate it



  using or celebrating a newly acquired good for the first time.

 wash off


  to wash out, clean off; he was washing off his dress i.e. he was cleaning his clothes

 watar don pass gari


  the water is more than the gari, so you can not eat it! Is used to refer to a situation gone bad.

 watch night


  security guard



  night watch man



  night-watchman giving way to security {man}

 water don pass gari


  a bad situation

 water proof


  plastic bags.



  plastic bag



  to wave at I waved him but he did not see me



  wax-printed decorative cloth, formerly often from Holland she went to market to buy wax also Dutch wax



  seriously wanting or needing food or such feeling; having a strong wish or desire.






  trickery and deception; {Igbo Egwu card - Iwere nkea irie mu ego music by Leonard Okpala 'Peace Maker'}

 waziri nose


  a curse word; Extremely wide nostrils.



  fifty naira note

 we bin dey grass for bush


  we were smoking {Indian hemp} in the bush



  put on Wear your shoes! {Parent to child}



  clothes Unisex wears

 weave-on {also weavon}


  hairdressing style where additional hair is added to the natural one

 well well


  properly, totally or completely.






  General approval after someone has completed; Afternoon! Welldone! {Also encouragement to someone working: equivalent to Igbo Jisi ike, Yoruba Ekuse! {check}, etc.}



  fat {as Standard English but applied to animals} a gift of a well-fed cow



  very well; You do this thing well-well; You should do it very well; Pidgin

 welu welu


  very well

 welu welu


  a word to emphasize how good something is






  {Yoruba} mad, crazy, to act irrational

 western baba


  Western union; an international money transfer company

 wet ground








  what is

 wetin de hap


  whats happening; whats going on

 wetin dey


  whats up?; what's up?; how's it going?

 wetin dey sele; way-tin day shell-eh


  how are you or what is going depending on how it is used {e.g. Emeka: wetin dey sele? Ifeanyi: notin dey sele o TRANSLATION Emeka, what's up or what happened? Ifeanyi, Nothing much or nothing happened}

 Wetin dey worry dis wan?! Ebi like say your crase don ripe?! Carry your tata reasoning go tumble Boko haram bomb


  Whats wrong with you?! It seems like you are insane. Take your childish ways and go defuse a Boko Haram bomb

 wetin do you


  what's the problem with you?

 wetin u dey vomit


  what are u saying

 wetin u no sabi


  what u don't know






  where is

 wey u


  where are u

 what and what


  Used when the anticipated reply includes more than one item. What and what did you buy?

 What is mutation


  the action or process of mutating; Mutation is a natural process that changes a DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid sequence

 What of ...?


  What about...? What of my feeding? What about money to pay for food?



  stands for if, to see if.. let us go to the office, whether he is there



  a bad person



  bad- luck

 whnich man


  evil man



  never, impossible



  it's a popular card game

 why you dey fall my hand?


  Used to describe a situation whereby another person tries to expose you or antagonize you.



  Whats Up

 wild pumpkin


  climbing plant with yellow flowers whose fruit is used as sponge; Luffa cylindrica



  would; he will like to go to Abuja



  witch; a person who does juju or black magic

 winchi winchi





  to tease or pull ones legs.



  whirlwind, tornado used in Kaduna. Locally analysed as 'wind's trap'.



  a witch



  a bad person, a witch



  inside {but not in an inner room}; He is within. {i.e. he is somewhere in the building}



  Food bought in a bukka that does not have any meat in it.



  a witch or wizard



  wowo + Ugly = Woggly






  female the market is completely a women affair

 woman lappa


  When a man is easily controlled by a woman

 woman wrapper


  a man that is incompetent, lazy and lack ability is often compared to textile material women in some parts of africa wrap over their waist down {e.g. You be woman wrapper means you are an incompetent man}

 woman wrapper


  weakling {of a man}



  Exclamation used for a surprising event of any type. Thus on hearing of the death of a close relative it would be appropriate to say Wonderful!; calque of Hausa Mamaki!






  commission claimed from a supercargo by the representatives of a house to which a trade belongs on every twenty puncheons of oil bought Niger Delta, archaic






  disturb, to disturb so; to be a worry to so, to have sorrow, to worry.



  to annoy, to trouble; This thing worries me too much



  Wrong or cause pain






  Ugly or bad looking person; your girl friend is worwor {your girl friend is ulgy}

 wots d level


  how u doin



  will {e.g. I would send it}



  will Federal Government would solve light problems by next year



  injuries, sexually transmitted disease; especially Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS)

 wound injure





  Ugly, gone wrong



  to slap



  to hit or to eat

 woze; whoze


  to beat up; used to describe a very effective punch or slap.



  piece of food wrapped in a leaf; She gave me a wrap of moinmoin she gave me one leaf-packet of cooked bean paste



  cloth worn wrapped around the body from the waist to below the knees by males or females tie your wrapper well fix your cloth so that it stays in place



  a group of people



  to get hurt or to hurt someone; see wound



  to wound or injure other or one's self

 wuru wuru


  unfaithful or deceitful

 wuru wuru


  not Straightforward

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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