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Continuous Meaning











  pills, a pill; I am going to town to look for tablet



  to make bad errors while speaking or writing



  a paltry sum of money



  gossip; also see aproko; Ofofo; Amebo



  never or unaccepable {Igbo people}



  inferior type of manufactured article {contrast Belgian}



  cut {power}; They have taken light; the electricity has gone off also seize



  to eat, to prefer a type of food or drink; Can you take Nigerian food? Do you eat Nigerian food?

 take in


  to become pregnant, to conceive She has taken in. Their daughter took in somebody

 take it to be


  to assume that; is x

 take leg


  to walk

 take style


  indirect manner; also see mago-mago

 Take time!


  used to urge; to do slowly and carefully

 talk less


  let alone; A lady officer had said that they had not been able to honour tickets bought in Cameroon, talk less of the one from Nigeria.

 talk oh ha



 talk talk



 talk true


  speak the truth



  someone who talks too much



  finger-millet {Hausa}









  Stand, loitering



  to drink






  a meal made from cassava






  to taste {but without object}; the beans do not taste well



  tasty for your tasteful food {typical restaurant sign}






  nosy person; a gossip



  a person; a female who likes to act like a prostitute around men



  place where long-distance

 taxis congregate


  also motor-park



  long {time}



  till day break



  Till Day Break. Usually used when someone is studying for an exam all night



  any drink made with hot water



  Ocimum gratissimum; Term taught in schools in colonial period. {= scent-leaf}



  to be torn or to tear up; The cloth has torn. You can tear it, it is useless.

 tear eye


  to be angry with someone

 tear race



 tear race


  to run at full force

 tear rubber


  Brand new car

 tear shot


  kick a hot shot during a football match

 tek time


  be careful or stay out of my way



  to flaunt or show off.



  show off

 tell lie


  to tell a lie He is telling lie!



  temporary; This patch is only temporal, we will fix it properly tomorrow

 ten percent


  value of bribe



  West African ladyfish; Elops lacerta



  mosquito net? Restricted to the Delta area



  picking on a person



  private part



  taken a long time

 tey tey


  long time ago



  fronted demonstrative; That your book



  thatching-mat, many of which are used to thatch a house; They have bought many thatches.



  each other; My sisters love themselves. or The Husband and Wife who hate themselves {title of an Onitsha novel}



  to steal

 thinking nothing


  to not be thinking about anything particular; I was sitting there, thinking nothing

 those days, in


  in the far past People used to go about naked in those days.

 throw blow


  to Punch

 throway blow


  to punch or hit someone your fist

 throway salute


  give a big shout out

 thunder fire you


  I hope you get struck by lightening Pronounced: Tondah Fah-ya you

 thunder protector


  lightning protector









  sweet, edible corm, Cyperus esculentus



  to be good at something



  to tighten tight the screw

 tight friend


  close friend



  its a word how you use to call your girl who you like , love

 till date


  up till now; Thank you, god, for sparing our lives till date!

 time na money


  time is precious



  with tinted windows he always goes about in tinted cars; he travels in a car with smoked-glass windows






  Taiwo and Kenny {names given to twins}

 to God


  I swear to God

 to smell mouth


  to use abusive words in a conversation



  to woo a girl, give her some player lyrics






  a curse word of igbo origin used to reject something from happening or simply God forbid



  a fairly used good



  a fairly used item



  second hand {used}



  faily used or second handed stuff; used vehicle, stereotypically imported from Belgium; these cars generally arrive from Cotonou and are now imported from a wide variety of European countries. The expression can also be applied to other 'second-new' items.



  as in tolotolo head, i.e. stupid that tolotolo head is still trailing him {Hausa, Yoruba tolotolo, 'turkey'.}



  Turkey; Show off



  locally brewed gin






  slit-gong. This sounds rather patronising in Standard English but is used without pejorative implications.



  to straighten with tongs tonging, often seen on hairdressers' adverts

 too know


  someone who is too forward; someone who behaves like he or she knows everything.

 too much


  a great deal, but not with the implication of excessively He disturbs me too much the 'too' is often lengthened and given a glide tone

 too much


  use to say, when one is please with a job done by someone eles; use to complement someone



  go away



  torch {flashlight}






  story, news, discuss



  fake educational degree




 tory don wowo


  this situation has turned ugly






  this is popularly know as the mail penis but is interchangeable with the female vagina



  vagina; see also tutu

 toto water


  love portion



  used to describe a guy always wanting to sex a girl no matter the looks, age or finese.



  to tickle, titillate or excite.



  Person who tries to gain prestige by spending money; He is a tough man



  area boy, agbero; basically rowdy guys on the street



  stomach-lining of animals From its appearance. Commonly sold in the market place.

 trace out


  to track down, to find the location of; I will go and trace him out



  local traditional clothing



  this refers to the use of indicator lights in your car to show what direction you intend to turn.



  to indicate an intent to turn



  to use the indicators on a car; N.B. not considered archaic



  indicator light on vehicle N.B. not considered archaic



  indicator; turn signal; turn indicator



  transportation; I am going to the taxi-park to try and pick transport; money for transport What of my transport?



  used to indicate not present out of town Where is x? He has travelled!



  to go by foot; I must trek to market



  tricky; he is somehow trickish



  crushing on girl or boy



  to dipsose of something or toss something



  to spill; make a spill; To throw away; empty something out

 true to god


  I swear



  to have made an effort and succeeded; You have tried! You have worked hard to achieve this. Try your possible best! Do your best!






  God Forbid



  God forbid

 tufiakwa!; tufia!


  God forbid



  to hit something very hard



  {to} fight



  somersault, roll over



  cup or mug made out of glass



  to summersault

 tum-tum belle


  big rounded belly; Bier belly; mark or success {sarcastic; to mock or convey contempt}



  to woo a girl; see toast

 tune to...


  to put on music from a particular artist or country Tune to Congo! Put on Zairean music!



  to transfer food or liquid from one container to another; Please, turn the leftover soup into that plastic container the image is turning out solid food as you might turn out a cake, but the meaning has been extended



  large wooden spatula or paddle used for stirring starch and gari



  I salute or hail you or well done; It is used as an expression to cheer someone on or as a form of praise oftentimes regarding something good that someone has done {e.g. Emeka, I don hammer o! I got the contract!!! Ifeanyi, Twale! Twale! O boy congrats o; TRANSLATION: Emeka, I'm rich! I got the contract!!! Ifeanyi, Well done!!! Salute! Congratulations friend}



  police cell

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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