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Continuous Meaning














  to know something or someone

 sabi sabi


  someone who behaves as if he/she knows everything. Someone who is too forward.



  a homosexual male.

 sai monkey


  a thief



  popular music style using a small frame-drum, sakara



  run, to run {to scamper}



  Islamic festivals of Id-el-Fitri and Id-el-Kebir; I am going for Salla {Arabic sala 'pray'}



 sam sam





  sand, sandy, a lot of sand



  custom of staying in the house on some Saturday mornings so that the householders could keep 'the environment' clean. Begun in the 1970s and now discontinued






  lighter, more casual form of agbada {name of Yoruba doctor who introduced it}

 sapele water


  another name for Ogogoro

 Sapele; sapelli


  trade-name for Entandrophragma cylindricum

 Saraki; Bukola Saraki


  the Nigerian senate president; The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), sitting in Abuja, yesterday, ordered the arrest of the President of the Senate of Nigeria.





  South Africa



  fruit; Annona squamosa; also soursop



  in the expression; What says the time? i.e. 'What is the time?'



  Booze, Liquor, Any alchoholic Drink {name}; get drunk



  untidy, messy; The house is scattered



  scented green leaf Ocimum gratissimum



  at school; Where are you schooling? N.B. implies secondary school not University

 science man


  men who practice traditional or herbal sects



  barbaric, destroyed



  to shave off He scraped his head; He shaved off all the hair on this head.



  a known and confirmed promiscuous woman who has performed sexual favours to several men for free; A female in the neighbourhood known to have had sex with several men for free; A loose female willing to give up sex at any time and any where {e.g. Ol boy dat girl na scrobo; Guy the chick no be wifey material, na scrobo}

 se me se wahala


  can u imagine



  wide river or estuary, not the ocean; Nigerian Delta English



  pirates who rob passengers and leave them stranded while they make off; with the boat {the equivalent on the rivers of armed robbers on the roads}

 second burial


  ceremony held a year or more after the death of an important person



  security man, guard; Where is the security for this building?



 see flower


  to menstruate

 see mi trouble


  why are you bringing me trouble,

 see pepper


  to get or be in trouble

 see ya hand


  acknowledging the receipt of a gift or bribe



  emphatic? I have been hearing of this madam and saying who is this woman, sef? of Pidgin origin although used more widely now; Dis God sef! Na wa oh:- me I no know; How I go take think am sef; E just dey surprise me every time; I think of am! {Pidgin poem by B. A. Mukoro-Penawei}



  to cut off {electricity}; NEPA has seized the light; also take; They have taken light








  to separate out, e.g. into large and small sizes she was selecting the good groundnuts contrasted with choose

 sell out


  to sell; she is selling out local Maggi



  type of t-shirt



  to give consideration to another person's opinion on a matter or feelings in a given situation; to care {e.g. Emeka, My man, Oga no go like your coming late to work o; Ifeanyi, I no send}

 send-forth party


  party to celebrate either a girl getting engaged or someone being posted to another part of the country



  to be older than; He seniors me

 senior service


  senior ranks of the civil service



  someone starts talking rubbish because they are under the influence of a high presence of food or have eaten beyond reason {e.g. anytime patience chop two plates of rice senti go catch am}



  Used without indefinite article; It has a hard, paper-like texture, which softens after series of washings.



  strongly, intensely; I will query you seriously; I will ensure you are questioned intensively {over a bureaucratic misdeed}



  looking good



  to make {by sewing} damask was used to sew iro and buba.



  to have sex with; he sexed her very well; he engaged in energetic sex with her



  anyway; like that



  makes the sentence that follows conditional but often simultaneously asks a question Sha, you are going to the market, buy me some tomatoes will you please? If you are going to the market, please buy me some tomatoes

 shadow overtake a vehicle





  drink; to make one go crazy



  to drink; Especially alcohol.



  posing or showing off

 shake body


  shift to create space for someone



  a part of a cow's intestine; Used for making pepper soup.



  this a prostitute or a loose girl



  prostitute; loose and random girl

 shall have


  have {in future context}; 'When the seas and large rivers of our globe shall have been more fully explored, many animals may be brought to knowledge of the naturalist, which at present are known only in the state of fossils'

 shame - shame


  being shy, a shy person



  quick!; Doing something quickly; Without wasting time



  Twenty naira note {Igbo - Isi Mohammed}



  to deal {cards}



  forget about something



  to sharpen he was sharping the knife

 sharp mouth



 sharp sharp



 sharp sharp


  Without delay

 sharp up


  smarten up



  a variation of the pidgin English phrase "Sharp sharp" meaning to administer or perform quickly without delay {e.g. The guy chop the food sharply mhen!}



  Shut up









  Intoxicating drinks such as beers, whisky, gin etc... or being drunk



  tree, Vitellaria paradoxa formerly the most common source of oil in savanna areas, but now falling into disuse. Also shea-oak



  oil from the shea tree



  shea tree; Colonial era expression no longer in use. 'Oak' from the shape of the leaves.



  you agree? seeking approval.



  pronounce 'Shay-gay' is a swear word

 sheh kpe


  an exclamation to show surprise, amazement.



  any hot drink; Or local gin that can be consumed.

 shenging; shagging


  to have sex with someone; Another word for fucking {sex}



  it is used when refering to a girl.






  right? Or is



  to steal






  running away



  a girl



  it literally means period.

 shin gbai





  casual sex

 shine eye


  be on your guard or be careful

 shine shine


  glamorous, Radiant; Stunting

 shine shine bobo


  flashy, trendy guy

 shine ur eye


  be vigilant

 shine waa



 shine your eye


  to observe things happening around u properly

 shine yua 32


  show all 32 of your teeth; to smile widely.



  absolutely Nothing



  I don't have a dime or am broke



  Name for edible female termites/ant that are bigger than normal ones. Usually seen at night after long summer rains {e.g. Mama you fit fry dis shinke for me. Kai, dis shinke sweet ooo}






  Faeces; The removal solid waste from the body; To make a mistake {e.g. Who go shit wey no flush am}



  an informal way of starting a statement, indicating shock, surprise, amusement or fright.






  Dry Gin




 sho bele


  Phrase used to describe a half-top usually worn by women



  to give... a shock; Take care or the thing will shock you



  a very attractive girl or woman



  a dance style popularized by a Nigerian hip hop song whereby the dancers dip their hands low into the air, bring it up slowly, cover their eyes and move backwardly to the rhythm of a playing song {e.g. Com, may we shoki; Dat geh sabi shoki wella; Dis Shoki dance hard o!}



  to stab. also chuk

 short knicker


  shorts you are wearing; short knicker again

 short shorty


  a short person



  kai-kai, ogogoro: schnaps also schnapps; shot

 shout on


  to shout at, to talk to agressively; Why do you shout on me like that?









  come or meet up with someone






  to join a queue other than at the end.

 shuo o!


  exclamation to a surprise; Sign of disgust



  really? with intention to mock



  seriously? {surprised}



  sit don



  to sit down

 sidon look





  sign, advertising hoarding



  kapok tree, Ceiba pentandra; So called because the pods contain a fluffy cotton used to stuff pillows

 since long


  for a long time, since long ago; Since long, he has not come here



  young woman {Yoruba}



  respect term for woman of approximately equal age and status to the speaker; more commonly but not necessarily used by women

 sit down


  to stay in one place sitting down and doing nothing does not mean literally sitting but implies inaction



  to be the right size for, to fit; The jacket does not size me



  another name for marijuana in Afikpo... {e.g. My guy, you still get sk?}



  being decieved






  get out {Predominantly among the Akwa Ibom and Calabar people}



  to forget about something OR to describe an action



  to disappear



  Slow thinking person.



  slang expression, can be pluralized; It is a slang or Students use many slangs



  to slap, but metaphorically to give great offence to so. He abused me, so I slapped him well-well; to slap someone is to insult them very seriously



  to trek, to walk a long distance.

 sleep off


  to go to sleep; I sat down to read my book and just slept off



  flip-flops, flat rubber beach shoes






  a little, not very much; Let us go chop small; let us go and eat a little; wait small; wait a little



  applied to people {usually small boy, small girl}, unimportant; He is just a small boy; He is low-status, his opinions don't matter

 small chop


  snacks, small dishes of food? more a colonial usage than genuinely part of West African English

 small small



 small small


  to do in a gentle manner



  little by little, in small amounts things are getting better small-small or add more soup, small-small; Can also be an exclamation, Small-small! meaning gently, or carefully

 sme sme


  sluggishly, very dull

 smell pepper


  to get a shock; He will smell pepper today He'll get a shock



  slow; There are many factors responsible for the snail-speed development






  to photograph; Snap me! take a photo of me {Standard English}



  that; is the case; they deny; so they deny that it is the case

 so far as


  for 'Insofar as'; So far as I have already come, Since I've come anyway {Standard English}

 so teey


  many times

 so tey





  from washing soda/sodium carbonat: locally made for domestic use and is generally white or pure with no colour additives {e.g. Chioma, abeg gi mi dat soda-soap, wan wash clot; Good}

 sofri sofri


  go easy

 soja man


  20 Naira



  A soldier {usually used in southern nigeria}



  traditional dress associated with Sokoto

 solid food


  any type of pounded staple or food that does not come in separated grains applies to yam, pounded cereals etc. Contrast with 'light food'. Also 'strong food'.



  beans; a true gossip

 some funny thing


  strange thing; My brother told me about some funny thing



  person; You said that you should advise me to marry him because he was a mannered somebody.




 son of mary


  bundle of notes

 sorfri sorfri


  easy or take it easy






  Exclamation used when someone hurts themselves or suffers a loss. This is used even when it is the fault of the individual, which would be inappropriate in Standard English; sorry fo rthe delay; sorry for the inconvenience; im sorry so sorry; sorry for your loss; im sorry for your loss; am sorry; sory pictures



  bribe a lecturer to pass an exam or get a better grade She has sorted the lecturer. A lecturer is not ready to teach his course, at the end he sets a paper, and of course the students sort him, but now becoming generalised



  bribing of a lecturer to pass an exam or get a better grade; Sorting is too common today



  Only; is that all!






  really long; For an extended period of time

 sound you


  hot slap in the face



  sauce accompanying any pounded staple



  fruit of West Indian origin. Annona squamosa; also sawasawa



  to connect, as in electrical wiring; Spark it! {said by car mechanic to second mechanic to make a connection}



  to produce showers of sparks; NEPA wire is sparking the electricity wires are showering sparks not uncommon in the rainy season and a great source of entertainment to all those who witness it. Nigeria's equivalent of the Northern lights.



  singular of species

 spent horse


  person who no longer has anything to contribute? for 'spent force'



  Something amazing, wonderful, splendid, Incredible, unique...etc



  fantastic... {e.g. O Splufik... It is just fantastic... The ways wey dem dey package their breast now is SPLUFIK...}



  to go bad, to no longer work; The thing has spoiled It has stopped working. They have spoiled all they've messed everything up

 spoot up


  dress up smartly; looking flashy.



  spotted the animal is somehow spottish



  to place money on the forehead of a dancer or musician at a ceremony



  to shower guests dancing at a function such as a wedding with money.



  bed with springs as opposed to hard base



  it means sex



  to dress in a very nice way



  to give or to pay up

 squat, to


  to stay with friends or relatives temporarily {usually because you cannot stay in your own home} she is just there, squatting



  to finish, to stop working {device}



  staff member, co-worker; He is a staff at the school. Also in plural. They are staffs at the college; Also I had lunch with one of my staffs

 steal away


  to steal; I don't park my car on the road, in case thieves steal it away.






  sauce accompanying staple that is boiled, such as yam, rice etc.



  dried, salted cod, imported from Scandinavia, now an expensive delicacy {also okpokoro or okporoko}

 storey building


  any building with more than one storey



  to have sex



  to have sex



  visitor, guest; I see you have strangers; visiting adapted from Nigerian languages where stranger and visitor are often the same word



  wandering about in a social fashion like the Mediterranean promenade, but also applied to animals we are going for strolling or the pig has gone for strolling

 strong food


  any type of pounded staple or food that does not come in separated grains applies to yam, pounded cereals etc. Contrast with 'light food'. Also 'solid food'.

 strong head



 strong head



 strong thing


  something bad



  irresponsible, uncontrolled, badly behaved; those machine boys are very stupid; the motor-cycle taxi drivers are very irresponsible






  sewage, waste disposal system in residential areas

 sue to court


  to bring a charge against; He will sue me to court; he will bring a charge against me



  idiot, slow person



  to make things difficult for; He was suffering me; he was making things difficult for me



  older man who supports younger woman in exchange for sex



  older woman who supports younger man in exchange for sex; Sugar-daddy is a longstanding Americanism but sugar-mummy is a more recent West African formation.



  a foolish person who is rather slow at anything

 sun shade


  sun glasses

 sure boy


  a guy who there is no doubt in anyones mind he is on the path to success or is already successful.



  kebab, roasted meat on stick; University of suya {sign on roadside kebab stand} {Hausa}



  very hot and spicy meat roasted on wooden skewers



  to eat pounded yam or other foods that do not require chewing; No, I don't want jollof rice, I want to swallow i.e. I want to eat yam etc.






  delicious; good-tasting; not necessarily applied to sweet things. Extended to things other than food the soup is very sweet the sauce is delicious; the music/dance is very sweet



  good-tasting, desirable; The soup was very sweet ≠sugary

 sweet sweety


  a dear one



  puffer-fish; Tetraodontidae.

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