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Continuous Meaning









 pa le


  father {pronounced: Par-leh}




 paadi dem





  to carry away see where they are packing the sand from the riverbed



  to park; please pack your car well common error on signboards



  to put away, to remove, to steal; they packed it they stole it packing of water throwing out the water from a pond to catch the fish



  to put inside, to tie up, to confine; she has packed her hair she has tied it up in a bun or ponytail. Those trousers pack your buttocks very well

 pack {out}


  to pack up and leave the landlord warned him to pack out

 pack in


  to move in they have packed in



  a dust pan, shovel like utensil where dust is swept into for removal



  broken biscuit mixed with milk and sugar into a paste. Popularized by Adesoye Colege Students.



  a friend



  Good Friend! Homeboy, Homegirl; Best friend, etc...



  to be painful This my leg pains me too much my leg is very painful it pains you, why? {common slogan on trucks}.









  problem or trouble



  discussion, trouble, matter woman palaver; often used jocularly and in humorous versions of West African speech. {Portuguese} palabra



  pal or friend

 pale and male


  parent's {Father and Mother}






  sap tapped from the terminal bud of various palms, which ferments and is used as a drink.



  palm wine, which is an alcoholic drink which consists of mainly the sap from palm trees; Right when the tree is tapped, the sap is non-alcoholic, but then it is fermented and some sweeteners may be added {mainly saccharin}. Usually randes from cream-color {e.g. Mister, how much you dey sell this gallon of pami?}



  palm wine



  a popular pain reliever, which is a white tablet; there is also panadol extra, which is stronger.



  make up




 pancake yash


  flat buttom, having no flesh and bony {e.g. some Oyibo have pancake yash}



  women's knickers; she tore her pant.



  bogus pair of trousers



  Fernando Po {Espana}



  Father, grandfather

 par le; popsi


 old man ; daddy



  to get angry



  proverb; from early missionaries trying to explain parables as symbolic language



  referred to as cult group; especially in Benin City {Edo state}.






  a wholly or partly owned government company or corporation

 park one side


  steer clear



  Name for father

 parlour party


  party held in the front room of the house



  applied both to beer drinking places and to the sitting-room in a house. Beer palour or Let us go sit in the palour; The spelling palour is common on notices. Despite the spelling, always pronounced pala






  movement; Man or woman one is seeing or intends to see



  a talkative

 parry away


  to fend off; Farmers try to parry away the Fulani from their fields






  car papers Show me your particulars! a common demand by police at road-blocks.



  to exceed, to surpass; he get money pass that man {Pidgin}.



  to turn aside, to bend go straight then pass right.

 pass all


  best watch doctor pass all {Pidgin}

 pass away


  to pass the time over a period; a novel would help me pass away the weekend

 pass out


  faint; graduate from a military college; graduate {usually from a high school - for example, I passed out of or from Oraifite Community Secondary School last year}



  the way passenger is pronounced.



  passport photo Bring me one passport



  underwear; Panties {Yoruba Word for Panties}



  to repair a puncture; I will go to the vulcaniser to patch it



  jibbrish; rubbish

 pay as you go


  a prostitute



  avocado pear; fruit of indigenous tree; Pachylobus edulis.



  chill out; relax

 peel out


  a variation of the Pidgin English phrase 'cut out' often used to refer to a hurried escape.



  to die.



  in the expression; How are your people? meaning extended family

 peper don rest


  money has come



  chilli; Capsicum annuum {≠ European pepper}






  naira notes

 pepper don rest


  there is a lot of money or I have gotten a lot of money pepper; money

 pepper no rest


  lack of Money

 pepper soup


  a very spicy soup consisting of mainly goat, cow or chicken intestine.

 pepper soup


  type of consomme soup made with meat or fish and containing chilli pepper but no oil



  fruit; chewed as a snack Dennetia tripetala



  peppery the soup is somehow peprish for 'pepperish'



  small, black-shelled shellfish, extremely popular as food along the coast. Tympanotonus fuscatus. ≠ British periwinkle.

 Person wey cry cry still dey see road


  A person who is crying is still seeing

 personal person


  best friend



  as in Standard English but used as a singular her friend was a personnel at Kingsway




 petty petty


  small, trifling, unimportant; Why do you give me such petty petty things?



  short form for Port Harcourt, which is the capital of Rivers State, the southernmost state in Nigeria {e.g. We're going p-h next tomorrow}



  pharmacist, abbreviation used on calling cards etc.



  someone who's acting like a fool or someone who doesn't belong to the inner circle



  to speak in a tone that is observes all of the phonics rules; to have a posh or foreign accent which is different from the regular Nigerian lazed accent {e.g. I try toast that babe but she con dey form phone for me like say I no go school}



  go away



  to pick up {phone} Will you not pick it?



  to get {usually a vehicle}; He picked a taxi to Lagos.






  an infant or a little baby.



  measure of cloth.

 piece of cake


  share of something; they are always asking for their piece of cake ≠ Standard Eenglish 'piece of cake' for easy to do






  this word means child



  the number plate given to cars that drive in front of a big man; ESCORT



  to fix {stick} in ground Pin that stick here



  send someone a BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) message {NOTE that PING!!! is not the same as sending someone a message}



  {pronounced pie-ray} a pirated CD, usually an audio CD; this is much cheaper and available than original CDs. Pire CDs are usually produced by the well known duo, Big Boss Jiggaman, and his DJ Kev-D {e.g. Jaga, make you buy that pire 50 cent CD, because you no get the kishi to buy origo}






  local beer brewed from sorghum, millet etc. {Hausa}

 pito pito


  this word is used to describe something disgusting, probably semi liquid; Mud




 pkoki pkoki


  derogatory term often used refer to sexual intercourse.



  place of origin, either town, country or region where is your place? i.e. where do you come from?



  a large generator, which usually supplies electricity to a big building.






  dance or masquerade; it is a play it is a masquerade or dance



  to caress sexually, make love; They are playing love



  to forage about {animals}; They just allow the chickens to be playing in the house anyhow



  to play as in Standard English, but also to perform dance or masquerade; they are playing a dodo they are performing a masquerade; They are playing masquerade today

 play play


  lively or funny



  place in a village where dances, masquerades, meetings etc. are held has no association with children



  two people in a joking relationship they are playmates. this implies they can abuse each other, sometimes violently, without offence being taken.; Sometimes this relationship also exist between households, clans or even tribes



  inserted in various positions in a sentence to express deference No, please! Forgive me for refusing

 plenti plenti


  a lot, abundant



  plenty of he get plenty children. Pidgin



  plump that woman is plumpy. {older?}



  President Muhammadu Buhari {PMB}



  to have diarrhoea yesterday; I was poaching N.B. does not mean you have taken a medicine. {purge}

 poke nose


  getting into someone else's business



  interfere in matters that doesn't concern you



  policeman; one police is there taking bribe.



  shorthand for the introduction of democratic elections in 1999 since there was politics we no longer pay tax on fish-ponds



  oily paste rubbed on the hair and body. can be extended to almost any sort of cream rubbed on the body



  aow skin, this is usually prominent form of meat for poor people



  running tap / Faucet



  fine girl or chick



  father; also see fada or papa






  cooked staple with sauce mixed in Southern



  heavy dumpling-like porridge of cereals such as sorghum, millet etc. served as a staple Northern



  food not well cooked or mixing food ingredients the wrong way.



  hissing... To hiss

 possible best


  best; I have tried my possible best.



  yellowish-grey stone from the North Ground for use in cooking and with snuff. A mixture of sodium and potassium carbonate.



  blue mineral taken as medicine



  mud, dirty water, muddy or murky sanded water



  poultry farm; The committee inspected 15 poultries on campus.



  to pound a staple into porrid not usually found in other senses



  pounded yam

 pour eye


  to check out a place or something



  leave quickly, escape



  to have sexual intercourse



  musician or singer who sings praises to eminent people in the North {West Africa English}



  prawn, but also shrimp and other smaller crustaceans such as sqills and ghost shrimps



  to make pregnant; she has been pregnated. He has pregnanted her; Also pregnant {stress on second syllable}



  President or chairman of a group



  to fondle



  to iron; He is pressing clothes ≠ dry-cleaning as in Standard English



  to find out the price of Please price tomatoes for me!



  the privat part of a male; penis

 private part





  Prison; Jail; House Arest; lock up with criminals



  property Collect your properties



  to behave as a prostitute Becky began prostituting at age nineteen. {Information booklet}



  metal grille placed over door or window as burglar-proofing



  small-minded, dull he is a provincial man



  this is a term used to describe food, usually junk food like cookies, soda, instant noodles given to kids in boarding school to supplement the food provided by the school {e.g My mom go buy enough provisions for me this week! Indomie go dey, Digestive go dey, cornflakes go dey. Life go correct!}



  prepared food wrapped in leaves

 puff puff


  popular bread-like snack made from dough; It is usually little round balls.



  round fried cakes made from flour and sugar also poff-poff puggy



  a woman's vigina






  don't feel right

 pure watar


  locally sold packets of drinking water; also used to ask for a tip

 pure water


  cheap {of goods}

 pure water


  cheap/mass produced goods

 pure water


  water {from any source} sealed inside plastic bags and sold cold from the fridge in the street Viable small businesses... are mostly in such trades as hair dressing and barbing salons, tailoring shops as well as "pure water" packaging businesses.






  to have diarrhoea yesterday; I was purging N.B. does not mean you have taken a medicine. { poach}



  pushy, ambitious, go-ahead

 put head


  go ahead

 put on


  as in Standard English, but also 'to wear' He is putting on shoes He is wearing shoes

 put to bed


  give birth/have a baby {to solve a problem or to finish work on something and go to the next step?} {e.g. after we fought, he cooked for me so we put it to bed}

 put to bed


  to give birth {to}; She put to bed a bouncing baby boy

 put to birth


  to give birth

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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