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Continuous Meaning









 O di kwa egwu!





  tree with strong wood, often used for canoes. {Panda oleosa Pierre PANDACEAE}



  {Yoruba} Other status titles are commonly used in the appropriate part of the country: amanyanabo {Eastern Ijo} etc.



  trade-name for the tree Triplochiton schleroxylon



  mobile tailor who mends clothes.



  OBJ-Olusengu Obasanjo, Nigerian Army general and former President of Nigeria.



  an abbreviation for Omo Baba Olowo which means 'a rich man's son' {PRONOUNCED: Or-moh bahbah o-low-woh}; This abbreviation was coined by Davido in his 'Dami duro' song

 obo le wu


  used to describe a male person always after anything in skirt... juvenile, young, old, fine, ugly, sexy, unsexy {e.g. Hmmm... that boy na obo le wu o! He can't take eyes off woman pant!}

 obodo matress


  use to describe traveling abroad. espcially Canada where all the amenities are readily available

 obon owo


  an elderly person



  Traditional ruler of Efik/Ibibio peoples {Efik/Ibibio}









  meat in food






  men who delight in fornicating with very very young girls.



  to turn off, to switch off off the light!

 off head


  something you know without referring to a book, by heart; I know this off head 'off the top of my head'

 office pin





  Policeman or member of some law enforcement body



  offspring; My offsprings are many



  Ofor is the south street slang for phones.

 often and often


  very often



 Boss; Master; term of respect often used partly ironically. How now, Oga? {Yoruba }

 oga ade


  this means mister man Gentle man Guy''



  child that continually reincarnates and dies to torment the parents - Igbo = repeater = abiku {Yoruba}



  reincarnated birth



  Word for witch or evil spirit.



  a kind of fabric sack used by Market women for safe keeping of their sales proceeds which they usually tied around their waist {e.g. Madam, you no get Ogbene?, them don thief my Ogbene ooo)



  'MR' in Yoruba



  something amazing



  qualifies a noun; girls parading their flesh in front of ogling men



  locally brewed gin



  locally-distilled alcohol {Yoruba}



  schnaps; also schnapps; shot

 oh boy


  Man or friend



  What do I hear? {Hausa}



  big mug used in drinking beer or tombo {palm wine}



  to cheat, usually by manipulating the outcome of a certain event.






  okrika {fairly used items like cloths, shoes, bags etc...}



  motor-bike taxi; motor cycle; the okadas are many; Okada, a former airline with a somewhat unfortunate safety record; also see machine






  also okoroman; an Igbo person.



  an Igbo man






  name for a lustful; flirty girl; A pert girl; A wanton girl



  a female who sleeps with men for cash. They are usually seen on roadsides mainly at night.



  dried, salted cod, imported from Scandinavia, now an expensive delicacy; also stockfish



  second hand or used clothing

 okrika wake up


  a market that sells used items {e.g clothing, shoes etc...}



  okrika {fairly used cloths, shoes, bags, etc...}

 old mama youngie


  older women who dress much younger than their ages. women who try to appear young by using too much make-up or wearing skimpy clothes {e.g. see this old mama youngie, her body don wrinkle}









  a thief; armed robber



  aextreme enjoyment; partying; having a good time.






  a very dull person



  police officer






  a standard cunny Prostitute.



  fake items especially documents



  armed robber.



  a man or a buddy.



  any soap powder. Omo is now discontinued in Europe but those with longer memories will know that it washes whiter



  Nigeria most popular brand of detergent. Now used to refer to all forms and brand of detergents

 omo igbo


  a word of Yoruba origin meaning Ibos or Ibo people

 omo nna


  used by yoruba people to refer to igbo people. See omo igbo



  slang used to any Fine/Pretty/Cute Girl/Lady/Woman... 'Female'.



  pronoun word for this or that you referring to someone or something



  to turn on, to switch on; on the light! They onníed the generator.



  replaces 'in' in nominal phrases e.g. dealer on as in; He is a dealer on electrical goods the default preposition in



  to have on if road safety stops you, you must be on seat belt i.e you must be wearing your seat-belt

 on admission


  describes being admitted to hospital; I am on admission

 on break


  describes taking a break; We are on break

 on fire


  to be cooking; the food is on fire ≠ 'burning'

 on seat


  the expression to be on seat. is to be present in the office; He is on seat

 on transfer


  either being or already transferred; My brother is on transfer

 one kyne


  an unusual, usually not lovely, feeling,attitude or manner

 one yarsh


  a seat {in a bus}

 one yarsh


  one more chance {for a passenger}



  one-by-one, singly he gave out the oranges one-one. Make two-two copies; can be applied to any number, two-two, three-three etc.

 ontop of


  a way of saying on - describing when an event will happen.

 onye oshi





  tag placed at the end of sentences, to soften the statement or give it slight emphasis; I think I would do it, oo! Go register now, oo {PVC permanent voters card; ID Card poster}



  tag placed at the beginning of sentences, following the assertion of a previous speaker indicating negative consequences; They promised to pay on Tuesday. Ooo! Last month they were a week late

 opaks; okpata








  sweet chicks

 open eye


  street wise



  a very lean or slim person



  to operate on, be operated on they will operate him tomorrow




 opportune to


  to have the opportunity to; He was not opportune to go to Jos He didn't have a chance to go to Jos



  an albino. usually considered derogatory



  a host or creator of a party 2. Someone who is know for helping people out



  authentic original one not a fake {applied to anything manufactured: motor parts, electrical appliances etc.}; original village man really coming from the village {but implying down-to-earth, not citified}

 origo; orijo


  an original CD, usually an audio CD. This one has a complete booklet, and does not have any random writings on it. Usually more expensive than PIRE cds {e.g. My man, Hook me up with that origo beyonce cd. I wan look through the booklet well well}



  original; authenthic; genuine; non-fake; real mccoy {NOT Aba Made}



  extra things added to spice up a meal



  fairly used clothes or second handed clothes


  someone who is fat




  a big or fat person



  a fat person

 orobo coke/fanta/pepsi


  50cl or 1 liter bottles of coca cola, fanta, pepsi or other soft drinks; Anything bigger than the original 35cl bottles {e.g. madam, give me 1 orobo fanta}



  orobo, fat person



  to show off; {Also see Shakara}



  a girl



  originally a name for an Ijesa Yoruba trade association but now a general term of an Ijesa person Osomaalos made money, built houses but they can't pool resources



  an enemy or hater; {yoruba}



  as in Standard English but used with reference to both entities being discussed.

 other time


  the some time ago, on the last occasion when.. He said he met you the other time, and..



  a youth corpers especially the fresh ones still in camp. Could also refer to a sluggish person {e.g. why you wear cap like otondo?}



  fetish {see juju}

 outing {ceremony}


  ceremony after the funeral when the family puts on bright clothes and goes to church together.



  completely; They outrightly objected to it



  to boast or act with excess know-how or skill; Knowing too much

 over do


  excessively do something

 over joyed


  being very happy or joyous



  to flood, to burst banks, to gush out the river is overflooding.



  overhauling common error in signboards



  an excess number of passengers or goods carried by a vehicle {e.g. The lorry has bad tyres, yet it is carrying overload}



  used to describe a know-it-all or his behaviour



  to go too fast Do not overspeed!



  over ambitious



  a state in which you are flat broke



  lets get it on or its on

 oya na


  let's go; It's Time.



  aircondition or cool environment or cool air

 oyibo - white folks





  white man; oyibos get money; white people are rich Oyibo! is shouted at foreigners in central and southwest Nigeria; Since the civil war it has largely replaced older terms such as bekee and onye ocha in eastern Nigeria

 oyibo ojii


  black foreigners or native foreigners

 oyibo; oye-eboe


  white people; a white or westernised people or you are not Nigerian or a black person with lighter skin



  on Your Own



  good times; Jollification; Welcoming someone coming from a journey

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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