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Nigerian Gospel musicians pictures including Chinyere Udoma,
Chinwenwa Ejiofor Total Praise, nigerian gospel music igwe & yoruba.
Nigerian gospel musicians pictures including sis. chinyere udoma, sis. chinwenwa ejiofor total praise, nigerian gospel music igwe & yoruba.

Christian Country Music, Gospel Blues,
IGBO Contemporary Christian Music, Nigerian Gospel

Do you want a fantastic Nigerian Gosple Music that will give you JOY DAILY? The songs have always recuperated you when ever you listen to them?

Then enjoy the praise medley Nigerian Gospel or Nigerian gospel Songs or perhaps nigerian gospel music (NOT gospel download songs music) by some of the gifted Nigerian gospel artists singers.

Great! Find below some of the best praise medley songs, the nigerian gospel singers voice that is really "Angelic, Refreshing, Reviving Song and Inspiring" through divine wonderful music. Thank God for this beautiful life and this ministration songs.

We thank God Almighty for such people who are called upon and anointed to sing songs to do in our lives with full dedication. This is real gift of God the Jehovah to mankind. May God continue to refresh them as they brings joy and happiness to many people.

You will be blessed by listen to the many wonderful music tracks presented here and as he really knows all our problems and there is nothing he can not do for us. Don't be surprise finding yourself saying...

How Great is our God and "I love this music" or "Nice and inspiration music" or "I love this song" so much!

Just remember that God knows all your problems trust in him, and he will see you through gospel song.

However, there is widespread belief in the Nigeria, West Afria, the concepts and representations of illness and healing in Nigerian gospel music recordings. Even though there is no proof.

Some people in Nigeria perceives illness not only as a state of physical disorder but also as any form of social disorder, dysfunction, failure or limitation.

The prevailing socio-economic upheaval in Nigeria continues to make gospel music socially relevant as Nigerian music has not only become a tool for social commentary, but also helps to create an agenda for the perceived social reconstruction.

Nigerian Christianity Church

Nigerian Christianity Church in various places of religious studies and schools of theology, the study of Christianity is now approached using various methodologies, including phenomenological, historical, sociological, theological, literary, performative gospel music, and gender-relational, to name only a few.

This article offer useful conceptual and methodolical perspectives from which scholars can examin Christian expressions in the diverse cultures and societies which make up contemporary Nigeria.

IIn addition, the article provide an array of nuanced interpretations of highly complex themes, enabling scholars and general readers to understand the evolution of a tradition significantly influencing Nigeria, West Africa, and the world through gospel music.

A major concern in Nigerian Christianity today in the year 2021, as it relates to the activities of the new religious movement is Christian rituals of exorcism - if not witch hunts.

In some part of South-eastern Nigeria, where witchcraft recently received extensive publicity in the work of an amateur filmmaker from overseas abroad, relatives and family members accused their children of witchcraft and entrusted them to Pentecostal leaders.

To rid the children of evil spirits, they were ostracized, maimed, and in some cases killed.

You can recall that in the nineteenth century, the Calabar missionary and saint, Mary Slessor, saved thousands of children condemned to death for being born twins.

Were she alive today 2021, she would have had to begin yet another chapter in th ejob she thought she had finished, saving innocent children accused of withcraft from a life of poverty or even from death.

Another view is the influence of modern Christianity on Nigerian popular culture - songs, lyrics, videos, the arts, dance, and the theatre.

Nigerians imbibe religious symbols in secular contexts without necessarily reflecting much on their origins.

The day after Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America (USA), for example, saw many people suddenly found themselves singing the lyrics of Nigeria's Christian musician, Ayefele. The song Igba Otun {"New Dawn"}, captured many experience of that momemnt in American history and expresse new hope for what would come after the election.

The Christian faith is presently more diffused than any other time in its long and tortuous history. It is now more ethnically, geographically and culturally widespread than in the past.

Cross-cultural fertilization is the lifeblood of the Christian faith. Right from the beginning, Christianity has been characterized by the interaction and involvement of people of diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

Christianity does not pride itself as a religion of cultural conformity. In its historical expansion and transformation, it has reflected the hues and diversity of people all over the world.

Nigerian Gospel Music Revolution

The Nigerian Gospel Music Revolution can be look on as anabolic and catabolic roles of music in God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

While in anabolic, gospel music is used to build God's work, but in catabolic, it is used to destroy God's work.

Thus right from the inception of religion, gospel music had been found capable of playing the dual roles.

On the other hand, radical changes characterize the music of the contemporary Nigerian Christianity.

In this article we examines the revolution that had occurred in Nigerian Christian music in general and in the recent times, with a view to analysing and evaluating it.

We seeks to answer questions such as:-

  • "What were the original features of traditional Christian music?"
  • "What radical changes occurred to contemporary Christian music?" and
  • "What are the causes?"

As we have seriously concerned with the biblicality of the current musical practices in Christianity. We seek to know whether the role of music in contemporary Nigerian Christianity is anabolic or catabolic.

We shall therefore look at Nigerian Christian music at the macro level, making use of the musicological and theological perspectives.

The Causes of Nigerian Gospel Music Revolution

We know change is normally part of life. This is due to the reasoning ability and the adventurous nature of mankind which leads to unending education, modernity and civilization.

The causes of revolution changes in Nigerian Christian music are primary attributable to these three factors. Today, there is revolution in every aspect of the Nigerian life:-

  • Cultural,
  • Political,
  • Social or technological

The hymns and classical songs music in addition to traditional Western hymns. Throughout this period, ecumenical worship sessions featured the use of hymns with which most Christian from whatever walk of life could flow.

The arrival of instrumentation during the pre-revolutionary period was basically the organ and local upright and bass drums. Where lyric airs were rended, one or two guitars were added.

In addition, the instrumentation wasrather moderate and was never allowed to overshadow the singing, since the voice was the main facus.

The musical elements of the old Nigerian Christian music reflected a lot of traditional musical culture of the Nigerian peoples, apart from the "imported" hymns and chants.

For example, the melodies were in conformity with principles governing African traditional melodic construction.

The handclapping is used to supply, maintain and direct rhythmic tempo, the dance is a body reaction to rhythmic sensibility.

The dance style is traditional, and was never meant for entertainment. It was devoid of outrageousness.

The music of that period therefore retained its 100% religiosity or sacredness. Moreover, the Christian musicians of the period had no commercial mind.

All was done for the worship of Christ, evangelization and admonition purposes.

The musical technology of the period was limited to wood, iron, animal skin, the use of gramophone, cassette and cartridge players and few electrical and electronic equipment.

Also, the musicians mode of dressing was based on trditional and English dressing codes, as guided by the biblical principles.

The Revolution of Nigerian Gospel Music

The revolution of Nigerian gospel music could be regarded as radical changes in Nigerian Christian music actually started in the 1980s.

Today in 2021, the revolution which calls for a lot of questions is so glaring to have made anybody to ask...

Should secular music be played in church or warehouse chuches a place for worship or money making business or whether contemporary Christian music is hell or heaven bound.

Let us examine the characteristic features.

New Musical Express of Nigerian Gospel

The new musical express of Nigerian gospel is due to foreign influences which were incorporated into Nigerian Christian music include instrumental and praise and worship songs.

The instrumental form is based on the principle of "music without words" and Western Jazz philosophy. Although highly rhythmic and as a result, danceable, the music is meant to be sentimental, therefore, aimed at refreshing the spirit and entertaining of the soul and body.

Also, although familiar Christian tunes are employed, the emphasis is placed on extensive improvisation of all the instruments involved. People who are conversant with the tunes sing their texts along with the music.

This style is foreign and it is embraced mostly by Nigerian Christian elites. Instruments used include piano, guitars, drum sets, woodwind, brass and traditional musical instruments.

Texts of some of the popular Christian tunes used in the instrumental form are written below:

You are, Oh! God
The Almight, King of Glory
You are, Oh! God
The Dependable and Mighty Being

Hosanna; Hosanna
Hosanna in the highest
Lord we lift up your name
With a heart full of praise
Be exalted oh Lord,our God
Hosanna in the highest

Ancient of days
Creator, designer, reformer
Ancient of days
Receive praise, glory and honour
Ancient of days
I would not stop singing, if I knew your praise name
I would not stop singing, if I knew your praise name
I would dance like a rocket
Ancient of days.

The use of praise and worship songs which started in the 1980s seems to be the order of the day in most churches today in 2021.

Praise and worship songs are short or medium length lyric airs popularly called choruses which aim at giving praise and thanksgiving to God on one hand and worship and adoration to God on the other.

The praise and thanksgiving songs are high rhythmic, fast in most cases and accompanied with dance.

Worship songs on the other hand, are rendered in very slow or sometimes ad libitum tempis, sung with much feeling borne out of the deep imagination of the magnitude of God's image, the awesomeness of his glory and the utter depravity of man's sinfulness.

It is common in most churches today to feature praise and worship both in their liturgy and social programmes. The songs used for the purpose have replaced the hymns in the "churches" affected.

Some "churches" even appoint and train praise - worship leaders. Today, it is an aspect of worship believed to be anarea of specialization or special calling within the Christian ministry.

Some of the popular worship leaders in Nigerian today use the texts of some examples of praise and worship songs are as follows:

Praise God, Halleluyah
Praise God, Amen
Praise God, Halleluyah
Praise God, Amen

There is none holy as the Lord
There is none beside Thee
Neither is there any rock like our God
There is none holy as the Lord

Thank you Jesus
Thank you my Lord
Whatever I am now
It is by your grace
Many are dying
Many are perishing
Whatever I am now
It is by your grace

Thank you Jesus, we shall continue topraise you
Thank you Jesus, the God of our joy
Thank you Jesus, we shall continue to praise you
Father, receive the thanks we bring

He is Lord; He is Lord Amen
He has risen from the death; He is Lord
Every knee shall bow; every tongue confess
that Jesus Christ is Lord

On the other hand, church music is generally rendered by choirs within church settings and is only very rarely performed in the public domain. Very few analytical studies have been done on Nigerian Gospel music because it is relatively recent compared to the popular Yoruba juju music.

Jesus Na You Be Oga
Beautiful songs of Praise

Jehova Mazuru Jesus Na You Be oga by Brother Cornelius Benjamin Jesus be Oga nigerian gospel song.

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List of Nigerian Gospel Singers

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DEDICATION: is dedicated to all who aspire to identify and give intellectual content and expression to protect & safeguard the tangible and intangible cultural heritage/ ideas to promote Pigdin Nigerian English dictionary, such as

Dr Roger Blench of academia of the University of Cambridge, England, a British linguistics, anthropology, archaeology & ethnomusicology
Prof Herbert S. Igboanusi of A dictionary of Nigerian English Usage, Ibadan Enicrown Fit Publishers
C.N.C Asomugha of Nigerians slangs ABIC Publishers, Onitsha
Ayo Bamgbose of New English Africa World press
H.M. Burkil of The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa, Families Royal Botanic Gardens
FMI 1964 of Some Nigerian woods, Lagos Federal Ministry of Information, Nigeria
David Jowitt of Nigerian English usage, an introduction. Longman, Nigeria
A. H. M. Kirk-Greene of The vocabulary and determinants of schoolboy slang in Northern Nigeria, Occasional Paper No. 6 Zaria, ABU
R. Opara and P. Oleghe of Contemporary student vocabulary, Ibadan, Nigeria
Mercy U. Ukpabio of Students' Language on Campus. , Calabar: Dept of Languages and Linguistics, University of Calabar undergraduate long essay. Naija Lingo and many more...

Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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