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Continuous Meaning












 na die


  the best;












  children {used to refer to Agaba boys}

 no be for mouth


  it's not by boasting

 no dey monkey say you sabi me


  do not pretend as if you know me

 no mind am, jare


  Please, don't mind him



  gross; poo



  {It} is; used to describe something being something else; Depending on tone, can also be used in an interrogative sort of way {eg. This one na gobe! [This is trouble!] - Na you come start wahala for my area yesterday abi? [So, you're the one who wanted to start trouble in my area yesterday right?]}

 na beanz


  used to describe something that is not easy

 na die i dey


  to be utterly useless

 na fight?


  rebuff to someone being unduly aggressive.

 na god


  God is responsible; God's doing

 na so


  it is so approval of something

 na today


  the Obvious thing; Not the first time.

 na wa


  an expression of suprise; Damn.

 na wa o


  its surprising or am surprise

 na wash


  refers to those that ajepako that start to form ajebo. People usually say it as a snide remark in reply to the former {e.g. You, flying first class? Na wash}

 na wetin?


  what is it this time

 na yam


  cannot be true; Lie

 na you biko


  you're the man

 na you o


  your the man

 na you sabi


  a subtle way of saying 'I don't care what you think' 2. Your problem



  to hit; slam or to make love to






  slang name for Nigeria



  tell; hit; Eat; What someone is wearing



  zebu cow {Hausa}

 naming ceremony


  Ceremony; rather similar to baptism of Islamic origin? Now normally replaced by child dedication in the South



  that's right {can be used as an exclamation or a reply to something or a statement you feel is right}

 natin spoil


  no sweat; no problem

 Native Authority


  administration established in the colonial era as part of the system of Indirect Rule

 native court


  courts established in the colonial era to try cases according to customary law

 native cow


  small local cow as opposed to the Fulani zebu cow

 native doctor


  practitioner of traditional medicine; herbalist.

 native law


  customary law of a particular ethnic group, applied in customary courts; they tried him according to native law; this sounds rather archaic

 native potash


  potash obtained from burnt plantain peelings and stumps of palm bunches



  adding emphasis to a statement

 nawa for you


  you have just blown my mind

 nawa oo!


  an exclamation of anger; Usually used in the case of disappointment.

 ndi yoruba


  a phrase of Igbo origin meaning 'Yoruba people' or Yorubas



  in deeply She was neck-deep in relations; 'knee-deep'



  neighbouring Fulani from neighbourly state of Borno



  officially the National Electric Power Authority; the national power company, often used for electricity in general; NEPA has gone off there's no electricity {Nigerian Electric Power Agency}; presence of electricity



  to capture; The police netted him



  don't ever; you be envious of that which belongs to another!



  item of news there is a news that...

 next tomorrow


  the day after tomorrow



  no Future Ambition; a jobless person



  local girl or village girl {Igbo origin}



  Yoruba; it is disheartening that the Ngwati press must do everything {The News}

 Nigerian factor


  general explanation invoked whenever a well-designed plan does not work out as expected




 ninja bike


  power bike



  wat about... or how about...; indefinite generalizing tag; Suppose they sell the land and then; something comes up nko, what happens then?



  an Igbo originated word meaning Man; father {Igbo}

 no be small thing


  astounding; Hard

 no be small thing o


  It's not easy

 no be so


  not like that

 no bi?


  is it not?

 no dull yoursef


  gotta be smart; avoid boredom

 no dulling


  don't deceive yourself

 no fight


  stay away from trouble {used in the south south region of Nigeria when saying goodbye}

 no lele


  where there is no problem or trouble.

 no long tin


  no beating around the bush

 no more


  any longer; there was no more love between the couple; the couple didn't love each other any longer

 no play me wayo; no play me ojoro


  don't cheat me; don't play tricks on me

 no reach


  not enough {usually referring to money}

 no shaking


  no problem

 no vex


  don't make me mad or don't be angry



  Name of Nigerian movie industry



  nonchalance, nonchalant; Common written error



  On point!



  It means to party or hang out alone or with friends, family etc...






  smoking Indian Hemp

 not more


  no longer he was not more coming to that place

 not quite


  a little, not much; I was sitting not quite far from you I was sitting near you

 not quite long


  for only a short time; He had been doing this for not quite long, when...

 not reach


  to be inadequate, to be not enough the money did not reach.

 nothin de pa


  no problems!

 nothing do me


  I'm absolutely fine

 nothing do you


  I've got your back; There's nothing wrong with you.



  reading matter of almost any type except the Bible and newspapers

 now now


  immediately, at once; Do it now now!



  Nigerian Television Authority; gossiper

 number six


  brain Use your number six! Student slang?

 number six


  intelligence; common sense



  plenty, lots



  showing off, posing



  bottom; back side ; genitals? Buttocks {Portuguese}

 nyash am


  to have sex.



  plastic bag; The kind usually given customers in super markets after good have been bought

 nylon {lilo}


  plastic {usually bag} has begun to replace 'leather' in this context; In the Port Harcourt area, nylon now largely replaced by waterproof in the sense of plastic bag

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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