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Continuous Meaning









 M & B


  all types of medicines; acronym for May & Baker, formerly a manufacturer of common pharmaceutical products



  Term of respect used to address an older woman Ma, I don't know how to do this.

 ma le


  mother {PRONOUNCED: mah-ler}

 ma pin


  a sacarstic or rude way of not answering a question; continue asking



  step on; trample upon



  motor-bike; motor cycle {see okada}



  motorcycle or new car

 machine boy


  motor-bike taxi driver see Okada





  any toothpaste; Brand name ; a brand name for a particular toothpaste; generally used to describe all kinds of toothpastes



  generic respectful term for older woman; I have been hearing of this madam.



  really messed up

 maga {419}


  the mark in a con

 maga no need pay


  the white-collar job and office work isn't for everyone.



  brand of spice or seasoning popular in Nigeria ; any commercially made stock-cube; Maggi brand name

 mago mago



 mago mago


  trickery; {when someone is not acting straight forward}





  tree sp. Khaya senegalensis

 mai guard; main guards


  security guard; Northerner guard or uniform guard; information security covering industry news, opinion, reviews, analysis, research and advisory {Hausa}



  be calm



  to stay calm



  to harass, intimidate, cow someone down or put fear in some one



  used without article; They are majority.






  let; used to signify that you are going to do something.



  to do {hair} she has gone to salon to make her hair

 make accident


  to have an accident; The moto has made accident

 make eye



 make eye


  to wink at someone

 make I hear word


  shut up; keep quiet



 make mouth



 make sense


  used for something that has value

 make we


  let us



  do not bring your problems over to my area and spoil my joy - sort of

 makossa music


  rhythmic dance music popular in Nigeria of putative Congolese origin



  an hausa person or a muslim; technically, learned Islamic scholar; but often a title of respect for any putatively learned person, also humorous Mallam! What is the day? Generalized to any male dressing in Islamic style; also title = Mr. for a Muslim.






  a derogatory term sometimes used to refer to a Hausa man.




 mama put


  local restaurant often found on the street corners {they are cheaper than proper restaurants}



  roadside restaurant



  lead bars or ingots used to make shot for cannons Niger Delta area.

 mami water


  {Pronounced - Mami Wata...} spirits of the Water; like a Mermaid {at most times they're females}



  Goddess - the subject of a widespread cult in the Niger Delta area. Represented as a mermaid, with snaky hair and believed to be responsible for pulling fishermen to their deaths, although also courted to enrich people



  to hit or beat something or someone



  woman, usually applied to mature women who run market-stalls

 mammy market


  market attached to barracks where products for soldiers are sold, such as dogmeat

 mammy water


  a mermaid; {she is considered evil because she lures men into the sea or river and makes them her love slaves {e.g. She looks like mammy water... so becareful ooo?}



  lorry converted to carry passengers on seats facing backwards arch. as replaced by other types

 man no die


  amullette {protective medicine}

 man no man


  corruption and nepotism



  to be surviving; we are managing ; to make do, to put up with; He begged me to manage him in the one room; He asked me to put up with him staying in the same room; The car developed problem, but I managed it to Onitsha





  to feel horny



  a guy



  to get drunk or intoxicated on drugs or alchohol

 mar le; momsi





  mara can be used to depict madness.

 market woman


  woman who regularly sells in the market, trader



  used to refer to a mother

 mary amaka


  to dress very covered or modestly without show any kind of body shape or curves.



  drop a passenger



  to misbehave.



  to tread on, to trample on; Match on it trample on it Confusion with mash? to mash palm-oil



  machete, used for cutting vegetation; cutlass






  co-wife ; social class; people on the same level



  maternity clinic



  white man; shouted at foreigners in the south-central regions of Nigeria. In Port Harcourt area it is bekee



  as in Standard English, but also a small piece of meat served with soups, sold by the individual chunk add one meat! Put one more chunk of meat in the stew

 mede mede


  salad; foreign cuisine



  conventional standard English sense but also extended to a wide variety of chemicals, particularly agricultural insect medicine pesticide; extended to mean charm or poison



  mediocre person can be pluralised; Falling out of use.



  timid {but applied to mind} The stock market is not for meek minds



  to encounter, but used for objects and situations; I met your absence.



  security officer; usually a watches and opens the gate of a house






  to calm down or take it easy



  to menstruate; she has stopped mensing



  role model



  to escape; disappear; to leave in a haste



  mallams {hausa northern men} who sell water in jerrycans; they are a common sight in lagos, particularly in places that lack proper water supply; they arrange about 10 jerrycans of water in a wheelbarrow and push it around the streets {e.g. Please, I no get water in the house, abeg if you see meruwa call am for me }



  messing up and not behaving as expected



  to fart or pollute the air

 mess {up}


  to fart {pidgin}

 mess up with


  to socialise with in a disapproved way; The Hausa boys were messing up with Christian girls

 mess, make a


  to cast in an inferior light my wife's meals will always make a mess of any food I eat outside



  an unrefined girl especially from the eastern part of Nigeria

 mi ma





  to flee; to hurry away



  tiny piece of paper with useful information concealed on the body in an exam

 Middle Belt


  region of Nigeria between ethnic block of the Yoruba and Igbo in the south and the Hausa in the north. Roughly from south of Kaduna to north of Ilorin



  large, powerful, overbearing; it is very mighty archaic in Standard English but current



  usual in the expression... Don't mind.. + pron. meaning; Don't pay any attention to..



  want, like would you mind some biscuits? Would you like some biscuits? Has no negative implication mineral; soft drink



  soft drinks



  soft drinks packaged in 35cl glass bottles.



  to be miserly; I have to mise my money; I must mind my money carefully back-formation from 'miser'



  say something stupid or irrelevant

 miss, to


  to not have, to have lost; she missed her husband her husband is no longer around {dead, divorced etc.}

 missing, to get


  lost, vanished Sah, the key got missing






  to talk rubbish; trash or wrong thing



  Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola {MKO} {June 12}

 mo gbe!!!!


  I am in trouble {Yoruba}



  to get drunk



  casual wear; Usually used when students in uniform are allowed to wear clothes of their choice; The clothes are referred to as mofty {e.g. Tomorrow na dress down, I will wear my best mofty}



  bean Cake



  cake made of boiled Bambara groundnuts, commonly sold in markets



  bus used for urban transport; The choicest curses of the molue drivers are reserved for those in private cars - in the lingo of the road battles, the 'slaves' and 'bastards' who are drivers to the car-owning class; Yoruba - see Bamgbose's etymology



  see Danfo; a beat up bus, most known to be in Lagos; These buses are usually in very bad shape, but are still used for public transportation { e.g. No laugh! But I prefer taken moleue in Ikeja to Mile 2; }









  as in Standard English but also 'cost' Your money is.. It costs...

 money bags


  an individuals who assumed leadership of political parties because they have the enormous financial capacity

 money for hand


  commercialised sex



  obsessed with obtaining money {≠stingy} Girls are money-minded. {Onitsha Market pamphlet}



  As in Standard English; also derogatory, insulting of a person; Who is that monkey?

 monkey post


  narrow football goal post



  at the end of the month, when salaries are paid; I go pay you monthend; I'll pay you at the end of the month



  mobile police



  Mobile Police, an extremely aggressive force brought out in times of civil emergency nickname is 'Kill and Go'



  especially The Dean, Student Affairs, pleaded that senate should tread softly on the matter, moreso, as the affected students were not allowed to contest the election. {senate minutes} Acknowledging our past and its lessons are more beneficial than denying it, moreso, when we use the lessons learnt to shape our past and future; Moreso, when a nation or people loses her language, their culture and identity are lost.

 moro moro


  a clean shaved head or hair cut.



  car; motor; Cars in a bad shape are often referred moto.

 motor bike


  motor cycle {see machine or okada}



  garage for commercial vehicles, bus station garage in this sense



  steal; go

 move with


  to accompany on a regular basis, usually implying friendship he moves with me we always go about together.



  a girl



  it is used to tell someone to get out of one's sight {e.g. Abeg mozz, you're too dull}

 Mr. Hare


  common protagonist of folk-tales in the north = {Mr} Tortoise in the south

 Mr. Man


  Way of addressing unknown to you; Disappearing?



  to slap dollops of mud on a house either in building or sealing cracks They are mudding that person's house



  a fool



  foolish person; a victim of scammer.



  see momsi



  a foolish person



  fool {also see Ode}



  a very stupid person






  twenty naira note



  Twenty Naira banknote from the portrait of Gen. Murtala Mohammed who appears on the note {Igbo isi Mohammed = N20.00 = 20 Naira}



  foolish person; a victim of scammer.



  a rich kid who attempts to throw his life away for silly {extreme} reasons {e.g. the car fine sha but I no trust this your new money miss road bobo; him go mutallab una for road oh!}

 my period


  used when one does not have money

 my slick


  my girlfriend

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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