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Continuous Meaning











  cloth in the style broderie Anglaise, with many gaps. Imported from Austria and prestigous because expensive; they are wearing lace

 laf laf


  absurd or comical



  means Laugh




 lai lai


  never or not in a million years

 lai lai to lai lai


  never ever



  never! {Yoruba}



  deny; refuse

 Laliga; La liga


  Spanish premier league; La liga premier league table





  to hit or to arrive



  curved piece of iron used to swipe at grass and knock it down. an extraordinarily ineffective tool, often used by schoolchildren



  carry someone on your lap during a car ride



  thigh{s}, lap; Chicken laps for sale. {notice} She put the baby on her laps. The deceased was seated at the back of the vehicle carrying a fellow student on her laps; She took a gallon containing kerosene, doused some on the girl's hands and laps and set her ablaze.

 las gidis


  alternative name for the Lagos



  lasgidi or gidi means lagos {the former captal of Nigeria}



  to have sex





  as in English but in temporal expressions; it follows the noun Sunday last, I went to Kaduna



  final, referring to price of goods; what is your last price? The price is 100 Naira, last.



  dead, of people {but used without 'the' and more informally} late Chuks gave me this book can be intensified. The very late Emir of Gwandu, therefore, one who died forty years ago.



  late He came lately



  to use a newly bought product for the for the first time.



  Nigerian ceremony to introduce a new publication, society or institution where money is raised through public pledges; They are having a launching for the book.



  thin, but with implication that leanness is caused by troubles. Being thin does not have a positive cultural value in West Africa



  someone that is inexperienced or clueless

 leather {leda}


  plastic {bag} put it in a leather {bag}



  to leave off, to stop He should leave chasing girls

 left lefty


  a left-handed person

 left-hand drive


  hair-style where the hair is plaited into cornrows on the left of the head; also 'right-hand drive'





  leg, but also 'ankle', 'foot' Wipe your leg on the door-mat, please! or My leg is paining me too much; I have twisted my ankle Adapted from African languages where leg often stands for other parts of the lower body. Parallel usages of hand to include arm

 leg, to have long


  to be influential, to have connections



  a novice

 legedis benz


  {derived from Mercedes Benz} someone without a car and who walks everywhere.



  someone who walks everywhere because they don't own a car



  to leave or to allow



  someone who walks everywhere because they don't own a car




 leke leke


  an all white bird called cattle egret

 leke leke


  cattle egret



 someone who is slim; a thin person {usually a female}



  a thin/slider person

 lekpa shandy


  very slander person



  to eat {verb}; food {noun} {e.g. Once I reach house, I will lem garri and beans}



  to eat {e.g. Let's go! I want to lemb, my belle is empty}

 lend out


  to lend





  skinny bony person

 lepka shandy


  very slander person

 let my people go


  this is when someone berely passes an exam



  food {noun}; to eat food {verb}



  Status in society or within a group of friends.

 lick {soup}


  eat "soup" While eating with me, you are licking the soup, but I am eating the porrid

 lie lie


  a liar



  at all; not a chance; impossible



  elevator or escalator



  to give a lift to; Will you lift me to Oshodi?



  electrical power - usually coming from NEPA {see NEPA} or the PHC.



  electricity; they have taken the light; the power has gone off.

 light food


  food that comes in separated grains or pieces applies to rice, macaroni etc. Contrast with 'solid food'.

 like play like play


  before you knew it

 list out


  to list I cannot fully list out all its various uses.



  courage; audacity {'to have liver' means to be brave, often in a foolhardy way}

 liver melt





  bundle, pack, head-load, luggage Collect your loads N.B. can also have a plural, loads



  large shrimp {Macrobrachium vollenhovenii} Nigeria has only shrimps, no true crayfish or lobsters



  fraud that originates and terminates in Nigeria



  provincial, unsophisticated he is a local man!

 local Maggi


  flat cakes made from the fermented seeds of the locust tree and used as a soup condiment; Maggi, a commercial stock cube sold widely in West Africa



  school desk with shelves, usually with an opening to keep books in.



  uninformed; not well traveled



  locust-bean tree Parkia biglobosa. N.B. locust as an insect is usually 'cricket'



  hotel; 'guest inn'



  somebody who is not sophisticated or rash. this comes from the word LOCAL - omebody who has not been around da block or da country, to know what's really good or whats in fashion {e.g. allow the girl, she be loki thats why she just dey wear leggins}






  trade-name for timber from the tree Oxystigma oxyphyllum



  lonely, also alone If we go, she will be lonely in the house. If we go, she will be left on her own in the house. The two meanings may well merge in African culture.




 long leg


  undue influence for favour

 long leg


  well connected

 long longy


  a tall person

 long thing


  empty promises; story; long story

 long throat



 long throat


  greed eater; always want to eat when others are eating

 longa throat


  greedy; unsatisfied person



  influence, personal connection in power; He gained his position through long-leg; Vernacular e.g. Hausa dogon kafa

 look for ur own life


  doesn't care about his or her life



  to be loose, to come loose, to untie; The thing has loosed. it has become loose. Loose it untie it.



  to be lost, as in don loss or get loss; The thing has got loss. it has got lost Pidgin



  loss lost of thousands of Naira.



  old-fashioned; This your shoe is Lugard



  as Standard English but pluralised; Luggages carried at owner's risk. {Notice}

 luxury bus


  large coach as opposed to bus, usually applied to small vans also luxurious bus



  a facebook abbreviation for 'laugh wan kill me die'... used when something is very funny and you can barely stop laughing {e.g. omo dis show we dey watch go kill me oo..lwkmd!}

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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