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Continuous Meaning











  a thousand {e.g 5k means five thousand} naira

 kabu kabu


  {unregistered} taxi

 kabu kabu


  unofficial taxi



  private car operating as an unlicensed taxi Danfos, yellow taxis and the unpainted, moonlighting kabukabus tend these days to be tokunbos, used vehicles imported mostly from Belgium



  dress well



  exclamation see chey

 kai kai


  local gin



  homemade gin



  local gin; ogogoro.



  kind {of}



  a person who single handedly hinder the hope of his country for reason best known to them; 'Kaita' can be use in place of words like Jeopardy, Hinder, Sabotage, Disrupt, Antagonist, fool etc. {e.g. I like that girl, please don't be a Kaita}



  to defecate; poop



  very firm, stiff or unshakable



  Indian hemp wrapped in paper instead of a rizler.






  a word for money



  fine or durable



  something that is strong, hard and durable.



  strong, Sufficient



  Animal skin often roasted and cooked as food; often savoured with palm wine.



  skin {usually of cow or goat?} cooked and eaten as a delicacy in pepper soup, etc.

 Kano cloth


  cloth woven in narrow strips on traditional looms. Woven in many places in the North, not just in Kano.



  bottle cover; cock for fizzy drinks like coke, pepsi, fanta or alcoholic drinks like beer



  a person who acts very local



  die or decease



  very Stubborn Child



  big trouble






  mucus, from someone's nose

 kata kata



 kata kata


  trouble; hustling; situational unrest






  problem or trouble



  to cause commotion



  runaway, leave quickly, hastily



  to leave a place quickly






  Kaduna {federal state in Nigeria abbreviation}



  to put {on} keep it there on the table



  to stay; I kept three days in Kaduna. Don't keep late!




 keke napep


  commercial tricycle used widely in cities




 kele kele


  small small









  paraffin {American English}



  Kwanan gida bag, bags that ladies of the night carry.



  a strong cotton or wool fabric of a dull brownish-yellow colour, used especially in military clothing {Hausa} {e.g. he was dressed from head to toe in khaki}

 khaki no bi leather


  things are getting very tough; threat to someone telling him that - More trouble than bargained for is on the way {e.g. you know say Khaki no bi leather, one day una go hear my name}



  type of minibus introduced about 1950s? now obsolescent {Yoruba} 'quickly'}




 kick back



 kick starter


  starter motor of cars as well as motor-bikes Open the kick starter! Start the engine!



  what’s the matter



  a yoruba slang meaning what is happening.

 king fern


  fern sp. ground up and rubbed on for swelling Nephrolepis biserrata.

 king worm


  blind wormsnake, amphisbaenid Typhlops



  Yoruba word for 'what?; 'what is?'



  this is a small shed made of wood where some groceries and condiments are sold






  to hit another car gently his moto; kissed me his car touched mine Don't kiss me {often painted on back of commercial vehicles}






  knock-kneed to have K-legs be knock-kneed



  act of sex



  in the expression short knicker



  knee-length {or shorter} trousers; also called 'short knicker'



  popular fireworks

 knot nine knot


  cell phone

 know how to


  corresponds to Standard English; Do you? or Can you? Do you know how to eat our food? Can you eat {Nigerian} food?



  isn't it

 ko gbadun


  expression disagreement to what someone is doing.



  one-hundredth of a Naira effectively went into disuse through inflation in about the early 1990s






  word used to describe love potion usually ingested as solid or liquid food




 koko waves


  unbrushed hair



  refers to a female partner, mostly of a sexual nature






  nut from Cola acuminata; nitida, presented and shared formally in ceremonies in many areas. Also cola; entertainment, hence bribe, small present; Where is my cola?

 Kolis; Koli


  people of low caste in northern India



  mentally deranged



  mad; crazy; unbelivable



  to take charge or control of a place or a situation; to successfully convince someone to accept you or your ideas over other people or other competitors/competitions; to overthow or dethrone {also see Colobi} {e.g. As we enter the club, we just kolobi everywhere.}

 kolobi idea






 kom kom


  this is a container usually made of tin; this kind of container can be found in the packaging of tin beverges like Milo and Peak Milk {e.g. These children bring that kom kom over here}

 komot stand





  high libido; sexually aroused etc



  using the knuckles to hit someone on the head.

 kool tempa


  calm down! take it easy!

 kop no mi


  a love portion {listen to me}

 koro koro





  clear {e.g. I saw it with my korokoro eye}



  see kro-kro.



  corner or tight position. Not a pleasant one



  fried bean-cake {Hausa = akara}



  a Police or uniformed officer



  to explain or expand on something; a play on the English word, 'expatiate'; Kowa means, to tell or explain something {e.g. Abeg, kowatiate - Please, expatiate}



  damage; spoil; die



  give up the ghost; to die



  to die; to tire to the point of death



  a slang used to lay emphasis.



  to steal; to get hold of something usually with violence; the word is an action word which could be defined in terms of the context in it was used; the car kpakay he leg - which ean the car hits his leg {e.g. The thief kpakay my computer when they came to my house}



  from hausa meaning 'wood'; informal: vain; fool; useless; dead.



  see Banny



  passport or certificates of some sort; also see pali



  to have sex or make love



  spoilt; inferior



  metal; steel or aluminium; it can also be used as an insult to refer to someone's head - also know as pangolo {e.g. Please help me throw way this coke kpangolo abeg}



  sex; sexual intercourse



  nonsense - aAn adjective used to explain when someone is not making sense

 kpata kpata


  completely or totally; also pata pata



  all and all



  in conclusion; worst case senario



  yoruba name for fried unripe plantain; this is a snack; in lagos it is sold mostly by roadside vendors {e.g. Madam, how much is your kpekere?}



  a vagina but depending on how it is used it could mean sex {vulgar}



  die/pass on



  to die



  used to refer to witches

 kpoli; ganja


  weed etc... {anythng that get you high}



  Kpomo means 'cow skin'






  word for anything that is fabulous or good



  a force man



  to take it easy with or to mellow; to agree






  a female Virginia; pussy spoken around the edo and delta area.






  rash {e.g. Children, stay away from that dirty dog, it will you kro-kro. If you no bath you will catch kro-kro}



  Skin infection






  to be startled or frightened



  dried powder of baobab leaves used



  a calabar dance by iyanya



  as well; at once; already



  snack made from ground peanuts; dried snacks made from shaped residue after the oil has been expelled from groundnuts {Hausa}

 kulu kulu





  drink made from cereal flour, sugar and ginger, sold in the North, but increasingly also known in southern urban areas {Hausa}



  to act shady; to walk in a seductive manner









  money or legal tender



  problem; get into trouble



  to mess up or do something wrong



  to whine; grind

 Kwe kwe



 kwik kwik



 kwili kwili


  See german stone

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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