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Continuous Meaning









 I beg


  please; see abeg

 I beta pass my nebor


  a portable generating set

 I beta pass my neighbour


  {portable} generator

 I bow o


  to wonder over a person's action.

 I de go


  I am going

 I dey


  I'm fine

 I dey ache


  I am in pain

 I dey fear


  I am afraid

 I dey kampe


  I'm very well

 I dey show


  Ii am comin

 I don die


  I am finished or doomed

 I don waka


  I am going.

 I fit


  I can

 I for come house


  I would have come to the house

 I for like come


  I would like to come

 I full ground remain


  I'm perfectly ready for anything

 I go beat you


 I will beat you.

 I go cure your craze


  I'll deal with you'

 I go light am


  to shoot someone

 I hail o!



 I just dey oo


  am fine

 I live for school domot


  I live at the school compound

 I never chop


  I haven't eaten

 I no fit


  I Can't

 I no know


  I don't know or haven't a clue

 I no no


  I don't know

 I no sabi


  I don't know

 I no send


  I don't care

 I no well


  I'm sick

 I pass my neighbour


  Portable Generator

 I put am for your bag


  I put it in/inside your bag

 I wan ease my self


  to pee

 I wash


  to reject or to rid yourself of; It is often used in reply when someone is forming ajebo; Made popular by eldee's song 'wash' {e.g. I wash e no go beta for you.}



  see Aircon; a more extreme version of the word aircon, which is air conditioner.






  the capital city of Oyo State



  President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida {IBB}






  carved figures representing twins made when one twin has died - Yoruba




 ibo made


  made by Ibo boys; Usually refers to fake things



  to turn a foreign word into an Igbo form



  ice-cube; Bring iceblock for this mineral Sometimes just 'block' in context.



  any object used in traditional religion, such as masks and carved figures

 if not


  if it were not for.. if not this haze, you would see the fadama clearly

 if you no like um, gimme back


  give back if you don't like it.



  Igbo is the language spoken by the igbo tribe in Nigeria



  Igbo person N.B. In principle, the suffix –man can be applied to any ethnic group, but in fact Igboman is the most common collocation.



  Nigerian weed



  Nile Monitor Lizard Varanus niloticus.



  a tribe in Yoruba land; someone that is stingy



  fraud, counterfeit object, fake {Yoruba}






  bottom; also see yarnsh



  buttocks, but by extension also padding placed inside dress to enlarge the buttocks {Yoruba}



  a short cut.

 illegal bunkering


  the practice of removing petroleum products from oil pipelines and well-heads, without authorization from either oil companies or the government. It is widely thought to involve large-scale smuggling operations that use road tankers, barges and large ships offshore.






  a possessive pronoun used in the place of him; his; her

 im ma


  himself or herself



  impressario Portmanteau form 'impressario' + 'impression'



  periodic petty cash; in form of a loan; {for government officials to spend on incidentals}



  a loan

 in front


  ahead The house is still in front {does not mean in front of us}

 in soup


  in trouble; 'in the soup'

 in time


  quickly, not within a specified period; I hope he comes in time

 Indian spinach


  small herb used for sauces Basella alba



  inhabitants {of a particular administrative unit or region} We are indigenes of this state.



  local, native Indigenous dishes are available {Abuja Tourist Guide}



  is a popular brand of noodles but it is used for all other brands of noodles



  used without article; I received an information.



  spices etc. used to make soup; Are you going for ingredients?






  Innocent was the name of the main character in the scary television series 'Wily wily', when he was in human form; Innocent is also a common name in Nigerian movies for houseboys {e.g. Innocent! Go buy star and coke for the visitors!}

 insert sim


  to have sex with a lady

 interest to


  to have an interest to; Consequent upon the death of my sponsor, none of my relations indicated interest to sponsor my schooling activities. {Student appeal letter}



  show off



  I owe you



  tree used for carving {West Africa English - WAE}.



  skilled worker in the building trade who bends and cuts iron rods to the required size



  duramen, i.e. the hard central wood of certain trees?

 isi ewu


  An igbo soup made from goat head.



  children, progeny; He has many issues Not archaic in NE. Can form plural. Extension of legal term?






  like making a shout out to your friends or fans; Mostly used by Naija Musicians.



  an abbreviation for I Too Know, which is somone who believes he/she has the answers to everything and imposes his/her opinion on everyone around them {e.g. Paul na ITK he no dey allow me talk when teacher ask question for class}

 its coming


  false expectation






  used as an insult to call someone mental

 iya basira


  nickname for local food joints; The word originates from Styl Plus song{Iya Basira}. Iya basira joints are popularly known for spicing up their dishes with toto water, but still, some of us cannot resist!! {e.g. Na Ben dey control all the Iyabasira joints for town o!}



  a wife {Yoruba}.



  {International Year of the Child} childish behaviour/tendency/attitude put up by an adult

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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