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Continuous Meaning









 1 green; 1 grenade








  Dress up nicely



  working around with no cause



  plastic container for liquid; She took a gallon containing kerosene, doused some on the girl's hands and laps and set her ablaze; Originally the 4-litre containers for oil, but now generalised to any plastic or other container in the shape of a jerry-can; {rubber}



  hole or bump in the road; This road has too many gallops; pot holes in the road



  a word of yoruba origin meaning 'Big time'



  weed; a strong-smelling plant from whose dried leaves a number of euphoriant and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared {e.g. I can smell ganja, can you smell it? Somebody is smoking Ganja}



  dried, grated cassava; Cassava is processed in this way to eliminate the cyanide in bitter types. The name and technology were brought by the Portuguese from the New World

 gara gara


  showing off, drawing attention to yourself



  bus-station; motorpark

 garden egg


  eggplant, brinjal; Solanum incanum. Applies to local, bitter varieties, including inedible types.



  dried cassava flour; a staple food in Nigeria



  diesel fuel



  to fart he has gassed also defile the air, mess up

 gate man


  someone that is payed to stand at the gate of a house to let people in and out. A guard {e.g. Emma's gate man likes to waste time in opening the gate}



  got to; have to



  to eat



  to really like or enjoy.



  to escape or run away from something or someone.



  refers to fight; crisis frequently used in warri



  to make and error while speaking.

 gbagbe isele


  Forget about that



  means yes or forget






  cute; Fine; Well aranged

 gbati gbati


  sometimes used to refer to a yoruba person









  an expression used when in trouble; Origins are possibly from the Niger-Delta area.






  dull person



  a man's penis.



  big dick {big penis}



  a deafening slap



  destroyed; gone bad; spoilt; horrible

 gbomo gbomo


  kidnappers; bad boys use to disrupt school session

 gbomo gbomo express


  is a gritty, dark comedy film {starring Ramsey Nouah} about money, love and deception centered on the kidnap, ransom of a record label Chief Executive Officer CEO, during a night of celebration with a beautiful socialite.



  kidnapper; In the not-too-distant past, kidnapping was for ritual purposes, more recently, the motivation is to demand a ransom {e.g. Kunle na gbomogbomo}



  hail; loud explosion



  trade-name for Entandrophragma angolense



  GSM; cellphone; mobile phone



  a young female human being; a female person; It's the pidgin word for Girl/ Female/ Lass



  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, the President of the federal republic of Nigeria.



  head-tie ; a female head wrap {Yoruba}; a rectangular cloth tied on a woman head for fashion; The material is usually stiff yet flexible enough to be made into unique styles - very colorful {e.g. Did you see Abisola's Gele? That thing was out of this world}



  shortened version of the word Generator

 general weakness


  tiredness, bodyache; I am suffering from general weakness.



  exciting, on the edge

 George {cloth}


  tie-dyed adire cloth with pattern representing George V, now somewhat unrecognisably

 german stone


  a dry rock like food made out of grounded pea nut butter; Its popularly knows as kwili kwili



  Gerrium or G-sulphate popularly known as garry is a popular staple in Nigeria.



  to have he get plenty money he has a lot of money Pidgin

 get accident


  to have an accident the moto got accident

 get am


  to own something; to be the person of the moment, probably after doing something praise-worthy

 get belle


  pregnant; big stomach

 get mouth


  to be sassy or boisterous

 get nyafu nyafu


  in abundance

 get sense


  intelligence {have good brain}



  get out.

 Ghana must go


  luggage bag {also used to connote bribe}; container/content

 ghana must go


  large plastic bags used to transport items of interest from one place to another; fibre bag from Taiwan with zipper and tartan or other pattern

 gi mi


  give it to me

 giant rat


  wild rat, Cricetomys, widely sold in markets and by the roadside, not widely used. Often called rabbit



  to be pumped; psyched; motivated or excited



  house-girl formed by analogy with 'boy'



  GSM phone; see geezm



  news, more especially gossip; I have plenty of gist for you today; to gossip; or have a serious conversation



  to tell someone the news or the gossip; I will come and gist you this afternoon. She gisted me fully More generally, gossip, talk informally: We were gisting till midnight Originally student slang, but now used more widely



  to make available; they don't want to give us light; they are organised enough to keep the electricity on; to share a story; Veronica gave us an experience

 give am


  give it to him or her, retaliate

 give am belle


  to add volume or to increase the volume of an audio or visual equipment 2} to impregnate

 give out


  to give away; she is giving out oranges More general than Stanard english

 giwan ruwa


  Nile perch {Lates niloticus} {Hausa} 'elephant of the water'

 gizard eating


  mouth action; going down on your lady



  window; car-window; Roll down the glass!






  light-bulb the globe has quenched

 go about


  to go about locally more than is considered proper that woman is always going about {the implication is that this is inappropriate behaviour}

 go hug transformer


  an insult implying total dis-concern for the recipient.

 go slow


  hold up

 go slow



 go to hell


  long hooked stick for getting down fruits such as mangoes Middle Belt. Presumably from the resemblance to the hooked sticks used by devils to drag down sinners.

 go up and down


  to roam about see that pig going up and down



  place where goats are kept




 God pikin





  person in position of influence able to assist you; Luckily, I have a godfather on the university admissions council.



  motor-cycle taxi I must get a going Middle Belt. A calque from Hausa achaba

 gongoro lorry


  Mercedes 911 truck with locally built-up sides, usually decorated {Hausa gongoro}



  full, complete {follows qualifying numbers}; I spent six good years in Kano 'a good six years'



  chimpanzee Pan troglodytes. Few Nigerians have ever seen either animal so their characteristics are somewhat vague. Actual gorillas exist in small numbers along the Nigeria/Cameroon borderland.



  completely shaved head.



  cola, used in the same way to mean, tip, bribe, entitlement



  expression for traffic jam {sometimes extend metaphorically to connote sloth, grinding red tape, insouciance or governmental inaction - a reason that make Nigerians to nicknamed President Baba Go-slow}



  traffic jam; in Lagos they were caught in the go-slow



  has become the beer got finished the beer has run out.

 gra gra





  to have muscles; muscular






  hustling; violent



  pretence of bravery; bravado



  long sounding English word or unachievable feat



  something that is confusing in general. Usually means the person doesn't even want to hear any more of it {e.g. Please I beg no big grammar today, I've got headache!}



  Standard English






  cane rat, Thryonomys swinderianus also 'cutting-grass'. More often printed than spoken



  fish; calque from Hausa haki









  being stubborn {Igbo Osi onwu}; an uncompromising person {e.g. FIFA president Sepp Blatter na gree-die, just like a goat mule Ox}



  to greet {which is a much elaborate and formulaic process in Nigeria} it is correct to greet greeting is appropriate behaviour. She greeted him implying a formal, social process.



  when one decides to do something which he'd rather not do.



  to grind, to have ground; I sent my baby out to grind; I sent my daughter out to get it ground



  party; enjoyment



  peanut She is selling groundnut. Arachis hypogaea. N.B. The singular is often used where Standard English would use plural. Groundnut is a pan-African Anglophone usage and is probably a calque of French pois de terre, or German Erdnuss.



  eat provisions or food stuff; to eat students' slang



  gubernatorial {i.e. referring to the election of State governors} Borno in guber race {Newspaper headline}



  believe a lie; mess up or fuck up.

 guest hotel


  hotel with accommodation; hotel

 guest inn


  hotel with accommodation; hotel, lodge



  guidance We pray for your guidiance and protection, oh Lord

 guinea brocade


  type of cloth; brocade



  sorghum. Sorghum bicolor



  gunsmith, gun-supplier noticeboard sign / 'gunner'






  fashionable boy or young man {American English}

 guy make we cripside


  friend lets go home

 guy name





  describes behaving like a guy; His behaviour is guyish



  a person that is cunning {usually a male}; Can also be written as guy-man {e.g. You think say you be correct guy-man?}

 used to transport goods;


 a period in the 1980s when Ghanaians were expelled from Nigeria and allegedly used these bags to transport their goods back home

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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