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Continuous Meaning











  For Food Only {refers to someone who loves food}



  it is a form of exclamation



  the pleasure felt when having a good time






  an unimaginable or unbelievable lie



  to leave or ignore

 face me I face you


  a {ghetto} house

 face; 2Face Idibia


  Music Legend, 2Face Idibia Turns 46 on September 18th, 2021



  building belonging to trading house Constructed by the large coastal traders such as John Holt. They have fallen into disuse so the term is essentially historical






  run fast



  to laze about

 fail out


  to fail so badly that one has to withdraw from a programme of study After six years, all students must either pass out or fail out



  a chicken hearted person or someone who behaves like a fool



  church members {collective noun pluralized} May not be in general use.

 fall hands


  to act immature

 fall my hand


  disappoint me



  to make fall down; the rain will fall it down; the rain will knock down {the house}



  to act as if you are a friend to someone that doesn't know you esp, to a celebrity, for people to think that you are of the same calibre

 fan palm


  palm. Borassus aethiopium. Used for construction.



  fancy; I don't like to drive fanciful car



  fashionable clothes; decoration



  to steal; see tap



  remote far, far bush remote bush area.

 Fare Well


  common written form of Farewell!



  dry food prepared from cassava {Portuguese}



  to hoe; to cultivate ; single field/ area of farmland of a particular crop; I have five farms I have five fields. Usually in the south of mixed crops harvested at particular times



  get out; this means to forget or ignore



  forget or ignore something or someone.

 fashion out


  to fashion; he was trying to fashion it out



  two yards, a measure of cloth, canoe, farmland, etc. Also long fathom a measure of cloth.

 fatting house, fatting room, fattening room


  Institution of the Niger Delta peoples and those eastwards along the coast. Room to which unmarried girls are sent, to be 'fattened' to make them more eligible for marria



  fire; cooker or stove

 fear catch me


  I was afraid

 fear face



 fear face?


  don't you have respect

 fear fear


  normally used when discussing especially if someone makes a frightful statement, etc...

 Federal character


  practice of ensuring that the staff in an office or ministry come from different areas so that no one ethnic group is seen to be dominant



  money for food when away what of my feeding? What money will; I get to buy food?



  to appreciate someone or something, to be in agreement with, to take pleasure in an event or situation {e.g. Two lovers on the phone... Hi sweetie, I miss you and I feel you!}



  not stable; can easily be swayed



  any wall, including brick and cement around



  to put any sort of wall, including brick and cement around.



  also juju {Portuguese}



  shrine, ritual object; It is my



  Fine From Far but Far From Fine {Ugly}

 fi si


  adding something extra



  always afriad

 fight karat


  to fight using martial arts



  to allow someone or something to be.



  a movie or film

 find my trouble


  annoying; getting on my nerves

 fine boi


  fresh facade; trendy



  to have run out What of orange? Orange has finished

 finish patapata





  talk aggressively



  a sarcastic way of saying indeed.

 fire electric





  it is used to suggest the ability to do something.



  to call someone on the phone but letting the phone ring for a second before ending the call {one ring or less}; so, the person you are calling won't have time to pick the phone before you cut it; a way to tell the person to call you back. {e.g. why u dey always flash me, you no fit call? Which means... why do you always flash me why can't you call}

 flash; flashing


  to expose one's genitals in public; to gleam or glow intermittently, as in 'the lights were flashing' which is what literally happens when someone 'flashes' your phone; It also means to appear briefly, as in 'the headlines flashed on the screen'; When people 'flash' us, their caller IDs appear briefly on the screens of our phones. {Indian/Pakistan calls it 'one-ring' or 'squeal'}



  Someone who is enjoying life or something.



  Way of life



  to enjoy

 flex body





  to beat someone with a cane as a form of corporal punishment



  season when river overflows into the bush {roughly August to October} Niger Delta region



  any cultivated flowering garden plant or shrub



  menstruation Archaic English origin, now Pidgin






  to move in the air, just the way birds fly or other objects that flies in the air or sky.

 fly wakka








  foam rubber mattress; I will go to the market to buy foam



  scatter or shatter; break into pieces; the four corners of the earth {therefore, East, West, North & South}



  to accompany; I will follow you to market; I'll go with you to the market 'to follow' in a sense is 'go after'



  to attend; I need money to follow that course



  to take a certain direction follow that road go that way

 follow behind


  to go after, follow Standard English

 follow follow


  is a degatory used to describe someone who follows or copies what other people do without reasoning.



  state of being a follower; If you have a good leader then followership is assured



  speaking in american or british accent



  Slang; phonetic; usually of american or british style.



  can be as Standard English, but most commonly applies to starchy staples let us go chop food; let us go and eat a full meal. I need food, not snacks. We have food but no soup.



  by foot we must go footing; into put water for this cup

 for dey


  from here; there; an intend to do something

 for were


  this means something IMPOSSIBLE or not probable

 for where


  sarcastic way to say Impossible; not a chance; see life



  to put a taboo on All the members of our family forbid iguana



  foreign places; They bring in sophisticated weapons from foreign



  trying to be sometin you're not

 form vex


  to get annoyed or angry at a person or situation



  someone who pretends to be what they are not Formers form. This means that wannabes pretend to be what they are not {e.g. My former girl friend called to wish me happy birthday!}



  showing off and/or pretending



  belonging to, by {can express parenthood} She has two children for him. Also Is this thing for you?




 four eyes


  wear eye glasses



  a famous Nigerian soap Opera - The Masquerade, famed for making up humorous words and phrases. Which means... to run for your life or to run helter-skelter {e.g. If AK47 come eh, you go see how dis area-boyz go run four-forty. Don't be a fool at four-forty}



  a car






  jackal. in the Delta, genet



  tugging underwear in public; adjusting underwear entangled in between buttocks stylishly {in public}

 free girl


  prostitute; also free woman

 free life


  worthless life so-so free life he dey live

 free me


  let me be

 free me


  allow me; let me be.

 free speech


  speech made by guests at ceremony that is not on the programme

 free woman


  prostitute; also free girl




 fren fren


  favoritism; familiarity; see follow follow

 French suit


  man's two-piece suit buttoning up to the neck {1960s/1970s}



  a person who is rich and has swag..big swag..



  a person who has money and style



  sexual intercourse



  to have sex; to dissappoint



  to disappoint; to mess up a plan.



  petrol {and usually not other fuels}; fuel shortages are common



  pounded yam or cassava; also foofoo



  someone or something fake, Imitation of a thing, wanna be, unreal



  usual Nigerian name for the FulBe people, cattle pastoralists found throughout West Africa {Hausa north}

 full ground



 full ground remain


  doing well



  foreign accent

 funeral home


  funeral parlour



  balls of millet flour; balls of guinea-corn with spice, usually mixed with milk; Food eaten mainly in the north {Hausa}



  different types of furniture

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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