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Continuous Meaning

















  fake; something that has been forged; falsified or done in an inappropriate way and manners.



  damask For those who do not know what damask looks like, it is an ornamented fabric with special pattern. It has a hard, paper-like texture, which softens after series of washings. Back in the 60s, damask was used to sew iro and buba as well as danshiki. Today, it is being limited to ipele, gele and fila, probably because it is expensive. {Very similar to standard dictionary definitions; consult expert for differences.}






  passengers bus



  used to describe an ugly bus; most of which are VW Combi buses or really old school buses that have gone through a lot - accidents; panel-beating; rusting; and more accidents {e.g. Mr Man, are you the danfo driver? Oga conductor, this danfo na serious one o!}



  van used for passenger transport {Yoruba}

 danfo driver


  bus driver






  man's loose, short gown {Hausa}






  to give a gift or bride; given for free is this a dash? to give; for free Dash me this thing!.




 dat one na grammar


  phrase of dismissal to show that something is not practical or too complex, or maybe just impossible {e.g. dat one na grammar, now you fix the gen or the machine}

 dead stone


  any stone that looks hard but breaks easily he found to his surprise it was dead stone calque from matace dutse



  complete silence at night that night, there was complete deadness; impotence the deadness of his penis concerns him

 deal on


  to deal in; She deals on cloth

 dealer on


  dealer in; Dealer on electrical equipments

 deck out; barf up


  dressed up



  complex or pure form of a language; He is speaking deep Nupe.

 defile the air


  to fart Who is defiling the air? schoolboy euphemism

 deleb palm





  to die or get killed



  to give birth my sister has delivered my sister has given birth My wife has delivered a male child.




 dem say dem say


  hearsay; gossipers or rumour mongers



  a big fool



  show off or use style on someone



  a charge required as compensation for the delay of a ship or freight car or other cargo beyond its scheduled time of departure



  show off



  this word means to show off

 denge pose


  posing or showing off



  total stupid person



  to be; to be alive; to exist plenty; dey there is plenty; God dey Proverbial exclamation more pidgin than Nigerian English proper; in the process of doing something

 dey bambam


  very comfortable

 dey brekete



 dey don talk am


  they have said it

 dey flex



 dey go


  keep going or leave

 dey kakraka


  very strong



  show off; behaving as if not concerned or interested

 Di guyman tank tomashanko finish; e put head for road


  After the boy drank the native gin, he left






  die/pass on



  so much; too much; to cease functioning; to no longer work; the moto has died.

 die it


  forget the matter or bone the talk



  shut up



  dirt sweep away these dirts






  to steal



  to discuss {mentioning no topic} We discussed for a long time



  for 'This thing' but used generically for anything whose name has been forgotten tight the disting i.e. tighten the nut Pidgin



  a woman/girl who is a source of STD {sexually transmitted diseases}



  to annoy, to irritate, but not disturb in the Standard English sense he is disturbing me too much.



  to deflower {a virgin} girls never forget the man who disvirgined them



  to overreact



  used to emphasise present continuous periodic conflicts do occur

 do interj


  used as equivalent to 'please' by some old-fashioned speakers Do, allow me to close early

 do quick


  hurry up



  any expert watch-doctor watch-repairer.



  fried plantain {ripe plantain only}; Musa paradisiaca {Yoruba}



  masquerade or other spiritual entity performed by non-Muslims in the north they are doing dodo today {Hausa}



  happening. Either in the phrase anything doing or nothing doing Archaic



  to have sex with.




 doll baby


  a dumb person






  house; abode



  your area; your main living quarters; it's never a house sha; usually lived in by university students or touts with restrictions on money; derived from the word door mouth {e.g. comot for my domot were! - meaning... leave my area idiot!}



  past tense; to have completed something



  a woman/girl with many sex partners



  dirty; to get drunk



  dirtiness; always dirty

 double face


  two-facedness; He is a man of double face



  dum palm French spelling used widely in the far North



  to pour on She took a gallon containing kerosene, doused some on the girl's hands and laps and set her ablaze






  wine tapped from a fallen or felled oil or raphia palm



  marriage-payment in either direction, thus equal to brideprice



  to have sexual intercourse. Usually of the mind blowing way or to someone surprise



  mucilaginous; We are enjoying draw soup typically in the expression 'draw soup', a sauce made from sticky vegetables such as okra and Jew's mallow.



  to form long mucilaginous strings {of sauce} This soup draws well.



  adjust; to move aside; make room



  any type of formal or elaborate clothing for either sex He is putting on his dress he is putting on formal clothes.



  to decorate, embellish dressing of Danfo {Lagos sign}

 dress up


  to dress not equal to dress smartly



  to ingest esp. medicine and including tablets etc. I have a terrible headache. I'm going to drink two Panadol and go to bed? calque from Hausa sha magani



  to chase away {often jocular} I came to visit you and now you are driving me! I won't come again.



  to instigate or be the cause of someone or something going away



  someone who is hired to drive a person or family around; chauffeur



  section of route regularly plied by taxi or bus with a standard fare from here to the junction is two drops; hire of a taxi by a single customer/group; Drop is how much?

 drop {down}


  to get down from a vehicle; we are dropping {down} here we are getting down here.



  means not funny or not interesting



  to copy



  copying in an exam with variations, contrast rank xerox









  your bored or something is boring



  local ice cream Substandard ice cream

 dundee united


  stupid or idiot



  to blow something or someone out of the water; usually used to express the incomparable gap between two people in a race {e.g. You saw tat race... Charity Opara-Thompson dust Veronica Campbell-Brown for dat race oh!}

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Welcome to African language - Nigerian English people and Nigerian culture. Nigerian English is sometimes written, especially in newspapers and magazines.

Nigerian English is printed regularly in the newspapers and since much of it consists of using Standard English in extended senses spelling is generally not a problem.

Some forms of pidgin origin such as "done" have conventional representations, e.g. "don".

However, others, such as "rubber" are pronounced in a variety of forms, such as "roba", "ruba" etc. depending on sociolinguistic considerations.

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent.

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