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Continuous Meaning









 caban House


  A place where one lives.



  also spelled KABU KABU; This is an unregistered taxi cab operating illegally. Not painted in official taxi colours. Usually, drivers using cars for cabu cabu, upon discovery on the road are pulled out of their windows by police, or risk being flogged; {Your driver Sunday dey use una car for cabu cabu - when I'm drop of una pikin for school, on the way back, im go dey pick up passenjas.}






  short form for cafeteria. Usually the kind found on secondary school and university campuses



  to where clothes, usually to dress up for an occasion or function

 call card


  visiting card



  stay in a group in temporary simple accommodation while on a visit for a purpose We were camped in the student hostels while attending the Nigerian University Games Association {NUGA} games.

 camp, to


  to hire a room in a hotel or elsewhere and keep it for the purpose of entertaining male visitors for money through formal or informal prostitution



  to like {in relation to food}; Can you eat that type of food? Do you like that type of food?



  to want to Can you take your bath now? i.e. do you want to take a bath now?



  rattan-palm or the fibre derived from it Calamus deeratus



  supermarket or large grocery store now archaic, as supermarket has replaced it, but a colonial-era expression. Borrowed into Hausa land



  one who is paid to go round to campaign for a particular candidate and make sure that the people turn up en masse at polling stations on election day

 carbon copy


  Look alike or replica



  fish-drying rack this type of fish they put on card



  anyhow; she was sitting there carelessly; she was sitting there in an inappropriate position



  word used to define how powerful a generator is in terms powering appliances.

 carry and go


  a chant sang to a person caught stealing

 carry belle


  get pregnant

 carry go


  suit oneself

 carry go


  Go ahead; Help your self. {There is Carry Go featuring one of the finest Choc City artiste Ice Prince by Jaybee on Spotify}



  cardboard box of any form






  trouble; problem.



  a womaniser



  misunderstanding, big problem; This thing is a big case now!

 cash and carry


  a prostitute



  large-scale woman trader, generally in the south this cash-madam is too tough this woman trader is a hard bargainer



  to affect, to trap, to afflict sickness has caught me rather sickness don catch me Pidgin - usage in many African languages

 catch trips


  To entertain one's self, usually at the expense of another.

 cd plate


  compact disc



  trade name for the kapok tree, Ceiba pentandra {silk-cotton}

 cha cha



 cha cha


  brand new



  not at all; Used for emphasis of a negative statement. {Frequently used amongst Igbo speakers}






  What! {chai tea or chai recipe as a beverage that is a blend of black tea, honey, spices and milk}.



  Usually exclamation, used to express grief, surprise, disappointment and anger, etc... Also see choi



  An exclamation



  to chat up or chase the opposite sex; usually male to female he prefers chaiking to reading.



  a boss



  Term used to describe a guy {at times my chairman};



  Cheating someone {take a chance or chance upon or chancellor or second chance}; enter one chance; grateful for getting the chance to; greatful for the chance; a chance to experience great culture and music!



  in the expression Give chance! i.e. Give me room! but also give me an opportunity to do - usage in many African languages

 change am


  to change an article or something; to change someone's fate without his or her intention.



  verb: to eat, noun; food



  soft drink usually made mineral plus Ribina and fruit; similar to a nonalcoholic Sangria



  a beautiful girl; {chappy's restaurant}



  Something you tell someone when he say something stupid or incorrect word or strange word, its just use when someone say something out of point {e.g. Guy, you char}

 charge to court


  to charge s.o. with an offence bring money, or I will charge you to court



 to drink alcohol, get drunk



  Originates from Ghana, it mean Friend.



  man who chases women



  awesome, very nice






  Expression of surprise - Igbo chei!



  we will go check him we'll go and see if he's in check well! said by traders urging you to look round their shop




 chewing stick


  stick from various tree species, chewed to clean the mouth and teeth.



  a piece of wood which can be softened by chewing and moisturing and which serves the purpose of teeth-cleaning {e.g. Please give me a chewing stick; I need to clean my teeth}



  exclamation or sign of sympathy. Usually for something bad.

 chi chon chi


  it means experience, or having witnessed something or be a victim of a circumstance. Chi chon chi is mimic from the word 'see something'. 'Chi chon chi' is the way a typical Calabar or Ibibio man pronounces; see something {it could also be written as shi shon shi}{ e.g. You never chi chon chi, if you chi chon chi you go yon}



  a beautiful, sexy girl



  insignificant amount of money, 'peanuts' these people only give chicken-change they only pay peanuts - 'chicken-feed'



  young pretty looking lady



  term of address; used to show respect or towards male friends



  a girl or babe



  a girl. see chickito



  chillin or relaxing somewhere outside ur area or to calm someone's anxiety,fear or eagerness.

 child dedication


  church ceremony followed by elaborate entertainment in churches which do not practise infant baptism, {often} replacing the traditional naming ceremony



  chill out; relax



  to chin {verb}; to ignore another person, especially on purpose.



  triangular fried cakes served at gatherings



  Chinese or a Chinese individual

 chinco land





  God Almighty; {the emphasis is placed on the creative activity of the supreme being simply by the use of the one word.}

 Chineke meeeeeeee!


  Oh my God!



  chewing gum.



  this word is used to describe Chinese people or people of the Asian race



  a word that represent money



  to place stones or wood under the wheels of a vehicle to stop it rolling away



  used for aircraft



  weed, marijuana






  awl used by carvers






  to prick, to inject the thorn has chooked me



  to choose between two alternatives contrast with 'select'



  food let us go for chop let us go and get some food



  to eat



  to eat can you chop rice? do you eat rice?



  to embezzle; He has chopped too much money

 chop beans


  to fail at something

 chop belleful


  eat well

 chop burger


  to put on weight

 chop chop



 chop cockroach


  to get pregnant

 chop go



 chop I chop


  mutual corruption

 chop knuckle


  fist bump

 chop knuckle


  fist bump, a kind of greeting similar to high five.

 chop up


  to increase in wealth, status or body size. move up

 chop wowo lick plate


  used to describe someone who is very ugly. it's a pidgin equivalent of 'hit by the ugly stick'



  small eating house



  to have sexual intercourse; I chop-congo today I had sex today

 Christmas bush


  bush whose leaves are used to treat wounds Alchornea cordifolia.



  to have sex. to stab someone



  Spikes or sharp object



  to cheat Carrying exam answers into the exam; Pieces of paper containing answers smuggled into an exam venue to aid in cheating.

 Chukwu; Chiokike; Obasi; Chukouuee


  God; he infinitely powerful, undefinable, supreme deity encompassing everything in space and space itself.



  to woo someone of the opposite sex



  shorthand for the colonial and post-colonial era since we had civilisation

 clap for yourself


  be proud of yourself; well don!



  in the same year at school or university as the speaker; He is my class-mate means he was my classmate a relationship much more important in Nigeria than elsewhere



  to erase

 clean off


  to wipe off, wipe away Clean off that writing!



  to park off the road Clear the car! = Park well!



  to get into climb that moto! get into that car! {enter}

 climb am



 climb down


  to get out of, to get down from climb down from that machine get off that motor-bike



  as in applied to enterprises and machines, thus also 'switch off' they have closed the enterprise has reached closing time. close the fan shut off the fan.



  asphalt road Now we have reached the coal-tar again



  urban areas He has gone to coast he has gone {from his home village} to work in the modern urban sector {common in the Delta} Originally coastal towns visited by European traders.



  cocktail party You are invited to cocktail.

 coconut head


  a dunce

 coconut head


  empty head, of low intelligence, a fool, an academic failure



  someone from central or south America; a Hispanic or Latino person; a Chicano or mestizo



  to lie {lying}



  a person who did something which no one around him or her notice; silently; gently






  this is the short form for Coca-cola, the popular brownish-black drink.



  to pick up, to go and get Collect your loads.



  to loose ones mind, become crazy



  see Kolobi

 colonial masters


  stereotyped expression for British officialdom in the colonial era; Our colonial masters taught us this Used sneeringly by some speakers but as a purely decriptive term by others

 colonial mentality


  pejorative expression implying readiness to accept inferior status; He is showing colonial mentality



  gin and indian hemp taken together



  to have have sex with a lady



  to be returning soon I am coming {said by someone just leaving}. Only when used in the given expression, not in any other collocation

 come chop


  come dine or eat

 come down


  to get down from a vehicle; I will come down here.

 come follow me stay



 coming causing confusion!; Come and be going; I'm coming


  go quickly; I'll be back



  go away or get out






  to leave a place

 comot for road


  make way; get away!



  describes who owns a number of companies he is a company man he is a man who owns a variety of businesses N.B. 'company man' is thus almost the inverse of its meaning



  complaint the community forwarded their complains to higher authorities



  describes money and usually in the form 'not complete' your money is not complete the money is not enough



  entire. Describes a period of time and precedes the noun the market burned for complete ten days



  any ground of buildings surrounded by a notional or actual external perimeter.



  land surrounding a fenced house/houses



  to impregnate; He has conceived her



  to be worn out, useless, spoilt {of objects} the moto is condemned the car is no longer any good they have condemned it.



  good, appropriate, fit the place is not conducive



  Means Confirm or a way of showing integrity and assurance



  see correct; something or someone with a good reputation



  campus fraternity



  who brings about confusion; he is just a confusionist

 Congo meat


  meat of the giant African land snail






  to hit a persons head with clenched fingers.






  describes non-Nigerian food of vaguely European type.



  to speak to someone



  to heat on the fire, whether a solid or a liquid she is cooking the water She is boiling water.

 cool down


  calming down or relaxing one's temper

 coolu temper


  control your temper!; title of song by Nigerian saxophonist Lagbaja.

 copaiba balsam


  tree, Daniellia oliveri, formerly valued for its gum?



  Graduate fresh out of the university and serving in a cooperation temporary.

 copy copy


  unoriginal person; see follow follow



  applied to a song performed by a popular entertainer previously made popular by another entertainer. Often said with slight scorn. That song is copyright.



  to do something sly



  person who shares your corner of a room typically a room, especially in Lagos and in universities with accommodation problems, is divided into four corners and each corner can be shared by two people On the analogy of room-mate; also bedmate in the same sense



  Member of the National Youth service Corps {NYSC}



  a way of expressing something is good



  as in to be correct they are not correct they are not doing the right thing.



  nail polish



 but also cotton-wool and kapok from the silk-cotton tree

 could remember


  for 'can remember' I could remember when we still had kobos.



  bottle cap

 counter blast


  to respond or to counter attack

 country man/woman


  a citizen

 country people


  the masses

 cover slap


  hard slap using the whole of your palm and fingers



  is a long piece of cloth usually wrapped around the body when one lies down to sleep {e.g. The boy is sleeping, where is his cover-cloth?}



  long strip of cloth usually wrapped around the body when sleeping



  ordinary shoes as opposed to sandals Do you never wear cover-shoes? {said to a persistent sandal-wearer}



  wife married to the same husband; co-wives always quarrel. {=mate}

 co-wife; co-wives


  female partners in a polygamous marriage {e.g. South African President Jacob Zuma's co-wives were present on marriage to his third wife}



  stinging vine. Mucuna pruriens - Hindi kawach



  common cut of beef, often made into soup cowleg soup.






  bean, Vigna unguiculata More written than spoke; {beans.} - Hindi kalpi



  local way of pronouncing crayfish.



  telling someone craise or craize in pidgin; telling someone that he or she is mad or crazy.



  to memorise or read



  mentally unbalanced; acting out of the norm



  to sleep



  skin disorder that causes itchy rashes



  shrimp, prawns



  having or showing a very abnormal or sick state of mind

 cream boy


  a guy who is a show-off. Somebody who likes to show off clothes, money, etc.



  being the best creme de la creme in whatever you do



  a prison or jail house.



  concise just a short crispy message



  sea-fish spp. Pseudotolithus spp. very widely traded

 cross carpet


  to cross the floor {politician}



  king in draughts



  use excessively



  to make a noise {of objects} the thing was crying it was making a noise.



  somebody who cries too much, or easily. Usually a baby. This is used sometimes to tease babies in hope that the babies will stop crying, and most times the babies even cry louder {e.g. that una baby na cry-cry. I just commot from dommot because I for slap am}



  practice of secret societies, especially in universities. Believed to be violent and based on traditional religion Soyinka seeks end to cultism in varsities



  ceremony, cultural festival; They do their cultures after the harvest



  tricky a cunny man a trickster; cunning?



  {specifically:} a con man.



  any drinking receptacle, including glasses, mugs etc.

 cushion chair


  armchair with cushions

 customary court


  court where justice proceeds according to the traditions of a particular ethnic group Recognised by the Nigerian state for civil cases

 customs bar


  commission charged on every puncheon of oil sold, deducted from the native trader's money and paid to the chief under whose auspices the supercargo had placed his ship for trading archaic, Niger Delta; work-bar



  to be broken, cut, snapped in two the wire has cut the wire is cut.

 cut neck


  when you like something so much

 cut out


  Pidgin English phrase often used to refer to a hurried escape.



  machete, used for cutting vegetation; matchet



  cutlery Advert - For hire: Chairs, canopies, cutleries, utensils



  cane rat, Thryonomys swinderianus; also more commonly 'grasscutter'. Throughout West Africa



  Going around in circles with words; saying the same thing repeatedly using different words, phrases or sentences {e.g. Na cycomolocuting dem just de do for de meeting}

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