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Continuous Meaning











  isn't it



  an amiable person {usually a man}



  any old man older than speaker, term of respect also papa. widespread term for 'father' corresponding to mama for older woman



  this is another word for father

 baba; mama


  an elderly man or woman





  {type of} ulcerated disease



  a kind of long, loose dress for men, especially among the Hausas; {e.g. I really like your babanriga}



  a term of endearment between women; Girlfriend



  derogatory term, foolish person; the animal baboon

 baby girl/boy


  girl/boy friend



  temporary shed or building in Africa or Asia?



  to carry a baby on the back In America they don't back their babies as we do here



  to turn one's back on I just backed him and pretended not to see him

 back hand



 back hand


  to slap someone with the back of your hand

 back, at my


  behind He was standing at my back



  see ikebe

 bad belle


  jealousy or envy

 bad belle


  to hold a grudge/ to envy someone

 bad bush


  place where people who die abnormal deaths are buried or thrown away

 bad gan


  too bad in a good way

 bad mouth


  Speak maliciously about someone.



  malice, Player hater,



  someone who is highly respected or seen as very good at what they do; Someone who commands a lot of respect, power, influence or authority { for example, See as everybodi jus dey hail yu, yu bi baddo o.!; Dat guy na baddo.}



  a bad person. Could also mean being good in what you do. depends on the context



  someone who is extremly bad esp. Socially



  same as the word "Baddo". Check "baddo". Means to be a bad/tough guy








 bath; the process of cleaning ones self. Could be a shower or bath

 baff up


 dress up, especially in flashy clothes.






  originally a fifty-kilo jute bag but now commonly used for hundred Naira a bag of money = 100 pounds = 200 naira {I doubt if this is the bag originally referred to! I have thought {but not checked} it was a bag of cowries as an old standard size}



  to get, especially position, degree or award Adamu has bagged the governorship, He has bagged an M.A. Archaic English sporting terminology. Also in Indian English.









  see ikebe






  have sexual intercourse



  change {for purchase} Give me my balance



  standing or sitting complacently, apparently unconcerned about anything {used of a person, possibly also of an animal} see her just balancing there feeling cool about herself



  to give change I will balance you fifty Naira I must give you fifty Naira change



  something that is good

 Bambara nut


  Bambara groundnut, Vigna subterranea





  midrib of palm frond. Also applied to bamboo proper, though this may be called 'Indian bamboo' to distinguish it.



  to bandy about I have no time to bandy with them



  to have sex




 banga soup


  a kind of local stew made from boiled palm fruits.



  popularly knows as knockouts. They are fire crackers blown up during christmas and new year period.



  a young girl; {street slang for girlfriend}



 a girl; a person's gilfriend.



  fierce fight between two people or groups.


 baobab tree

  Adansonia digitata.



  this can be used to describe something that is spoiled, wrong or bad. [Yoruba Origins]



  cutting or shaving ones hair. usually refers specifically to cutting with clippers, as opposed to trimming with scissors {I dey go barb my hair}



  to cut s.o.'s hair She is barbing him Back-formation from barber

 barbing salon


  barber's shop

 barbing salon


  hairdressing salon Viable small businesses... are mostly in such trades as hair dressing and barbing salons, tailoring shops as well as 'pure water' packaging businesses.



 a girl



  party or to hit something.

 basket mouth


  a talkative



 a wooden plank house.



  any type of whole-body washing, most often with a bucket Have you taken your bath?



  to wash the whole body by any method Do you want to bath?

 bathroom slippers


  rubber flip-flops. they are sometimes worn while bathing in general bathrooms {e.g. boarding school} which have no bath tubs {I can't find my bathroom slippers}



  First, "batterie", which sounds like "battery", is sometimes used as an alternative word for the theatrical dance called theballet. This NOT physically hitting somebody as "assault and battery"



  white man shouted at foreigners in northern Nigeria. Also sometimes applied jocularly to albinos. {Hausa}





  to smoke; Usually a cigarette or marijuana.

 be for


  to have, to possess this moto is for you this is your car

 be with


  to have, to possess it is with him he has it.



  cowpeas Vigna unguiculata



  to strike, hit {but not necessarily violently}, to fall {rain} If you do that again I am going to beat you. I'm going to beat you {but could be just a token blow} Take care or rain will beat you. also used for rain, even when it is falling softly



  boo or beautiful

 beautiful and handsome


  school have been taught that "beautiful" is the adjective of choice to describe good-looking women and that "handsome" describes a good-looking man. That's largely true. A woman is described as "handsome" is she is "fine-looking" in a dignified way, a reference is being made not to her face, but to her physical proportions. Beautiful, handsome, lovely, pretty refer to a pleasing appearance. A person or thing that is beautiful has perfection of form, color, etc., or noble and spiritual qualities: a beautiful landscape, a beautiful woman. Handsome often implies stateliness or pleasing proportion and symmetry: a handsome man.That which is lovely is beautiful but in a warm and endearing way: a lovely smile. Pretty implies a moderate but noticeable beauty, especially in that which is small or of minor importance: a pretty child.



  too forward



  too forward



  sheets I will put bedsheet for you I'll put sheets on your bed.



  a person who has returned to Nigeria after a long stay overseas {e.g. the way he speaks, everybody knows that he is a been-to}



  s.o. who has 'been-to' Europe or America this been-to is now a big man. perhaps now becoming archaic



  {also see bia bia} Beard



  Volkswagen car I get Beetle. Volkswagens were made in Nigeria and imported from Brazil long after they disappeared in Europe

 before nko


  it was expected



  to plead, beg, but used in more trivial contexts than in Standard English. Also in the sentence tag, I beg. Do not do this thing-o, I beg!

 beg beg


  One who always begs



  good quality second-hand item also Belgium; practice of importing second-hand cars and now other goods from Belgium



 this means stomach

 belle full


  full, from eating to your heart's content. Not able to eat more.

 bend down


  a form of second hand attire

 bend down boutique


  fairly used clothes for sale. Its usually spread on mat for passers by to buy. see orkrika

 bend down select


  2nd hand clothing sold by the roadside



  sesame, sesamum indicum there are two species of beniseed, white and black. black beniseed is sesamum radiatum {Benue seed}









  abundant, plentiful, in excess

 berry don black


  a way to express that there's enough money...

 berry never black


  a way to express that you're not wealthy enough yet.






  good times; improvement

 bia bia






 bicos why


  the reason is?

 bifor bifor


  long time ago

 bifor nko


  What did you expect?



  Long time ago.

 big dowry wife


  wife married under the big bride-price system; This is a system typical of the Niger Delta, where on payment of a large brideprice the husband's family has rights over his wife's children.

 big eye



 big man


  a rich man



  An igbo word meaning please






  pidgin word which is used in different ways to indicate that a verb is in the past tense.



  this is a generic name for a dog.



  from the well known producer of ball point pens; Bic: biro






  mucilaginous leaf, used to make draw soup. We enjoy bitterleaf soup Vernonia amygdalina

 bizzy body


  someone DAT gossips a lot. Someone that get into others business



  dark-skinned; That boy is very black. N.B. The colour distinctions are very clear in relative context. For example, to say That black boy came to visit you will be clear to the speaker who is choosing one from a set of visitors, but may refer to a distinction invisible to outsiders. opposite fair

 black blacky


  a dark person

 black Guarea


  trade name for Guarea thompsonii




 blast scatter


  fire, attack or shoot with full force and no hesitation



  blind man; Blindman can often be seen begging outside the mosque used as a category like 'policeman'



  this word refers to the male genitalia, specifically the scrotum balls.




 blom blom


  blom blom is a balloon

 blom blow



 blood tonic


  patent medicine of unknown composition, purporting to 'strengthen' blood and fight off disease.






  speak, talk



  to send something invisibly.



  to swagger, show off; That boy is just bluffing. { of young men}



  my friend; Love {Pidgin}

 boa constrictor


  large python



  breasts {particularly sexually arousing ones}



  breast, boobs



  big breast for a woman, striking breast



  trendy guy



  Cassava chips



  rather formal for Bros; Brother; Guy; Bobo; Ol boi or other exclamation.

 bodi dey inside clothe


  I'm surviving

 boil beans


  Not giving a damn, not showing care {used in southern nigeria, esp edo state and delta}

 boju boju


  Hide and seek game






  plenty, surplus



  roasted plantain. it's a popular snack eaten with groundnut or hot oil.



  fool; silent person.



  hairless; bald.

 bom boi


  a baby boi



  a male child. Also a male adult who behaves like a child or who is not man enough.



  form of address to plump and healthy {male} child Also used to refer to a child, e.g. How is Bomboy?

 bon boy


  this is the name give to a woman that gives birth to a male child



  look serious/mean



  to frown or to forget about something or someone

 bone that side


  forget it

 bonga fish


  a kind of blackened dried fish used to prepare local soups; Fool



  it is a new word for Nigeria see naija; The word Bongo is derived from Bongo drums or bongos which are percussion instruments made up of two small drums attached to each other; It is also an antelope specie, found in the Western or Lowland Bongo, there are herbivorous, mostly nocturnal forest ungulate and among the largest of the African forest {I just dey come from bongo.}



  to be fresh, beautiful; Very good

 booze man





  plenty, lots

 born boy


  male infant


 born-again Christian

  a fundamentalist type of Christian who rejects all compromise with other religions. According to the predilections of the speaker this can be a simple description or extremely scornful. N.B. can have a plural 'born-agains'



  to lend; Borrow me this money

 borrow leg


  to flee from trouble.

 borrow pose


  Showing off with stuff that is not yours.



  an extreme suegbe



  worst; But it's the bottom men that make the leader the worst men become leaders

 bottom power


  sexual might {of women} for favouritism

 bottom power

  influence gained by a woman or homosexual through sexual favours




  trendy version of ajebutter. refers to someone who has been over-pampered. someone from a wealthy family {that girl na real botty, she no sabi wash plate}

 bow leg


  Childhood disease caused by deficiency of vitamin D and sunlight associated with impaired metabolism of calcium and phosphorus {thank God, I no get Bow Leg}

 bow na u


  means you amaze me



  any male.

 boy yoyo


  a poser; Guy that is trendy, hip and likes to show off



  house-servant; from Hindi bhai 'servant' but re-analysed as English 'boy', hence its counterpart 'girl'

 boys' quarters


  usually a row of small rooms behind a large house where houseservants or younger relatives live. Abbreviated to BQ



  someone who shows off or a booster {me i no dey braga or you to dey braga}



  to turn aside, to divert to {when on the way to somewhere else} I am going to branch at his house.



  one Naira give me ten bread! the fall in the value of the Naira has meant that this is now of limited use, but used for 'money' in general. It may always have been mainly student slang. prob. cognate with 'bread' for money.



  edible fruit.



  edible fruit; Contrasts with breadfruit - no central stone






  payment by a man to the parents of his wife at marriage or before technical anthropological term, but also in common use in Nigeria.



  British or english



  to hand over {money}; Bring money! A common conclusion to a bargaining session.



  to turn back on {electricity} ; Power holding or NEPA {Nigerian Electricity Power Authority} has brought light again.



  type of cloth; guinea brocade









  short for Broken English

 Broken English


  pidgin English in contrast to 'Queen's English'



  part of the male private part, Scrotum






  Cooked cow's foot.



  broken english, pidgin english



  {clipped form of} brother {not neccessarily biological}









  Brother; Someonoe that is trying to feel among but is excluded from a coversation or a circle of people {Dat guy na my bros; E be like say Chukwuma na de number one bros for this side}

 bros fighting


  When you get into/ join a fight and you dont even know what it is about.

 bros laffing


  When someone is laffing at something they dont understand in order to feel among.



  It can be said when talking to or talking about a person(male)



  actual brother or male of the same generation in an extended family. Applied by extension to those of a comparable status in ethnicity religion, politics etc.

 brother dash me


  hand-me-down, clothes passed on from another generation of a family

 brown envelope


  symbol of bribe






  referred to as Benin City



  loose blouse {Yoruba}



  Traditional nigerian blouse



  a small building alone the road side where people go to eat. canteen



  street restaurant {Hausa}



  a cafeteria, canteen, or simple eating-place.



  street restaurant humorous extension of buka {Humorous blend of buka + cafeteria}



  roadside restaurant see: mamaput



  Horse Whip see: koboko



  See arrow (entry too)



  small screwed-up piece of paper flung across an exam hall containing answers to questions, used in University of Port Harcourt but there may be alternative forms in other universities



  any small soft cake




 buran tashi






 burnt rep


  short for "burnt reputation"; used to mean that one has been disgraced, or ones reputation has been lowered {why you wear this kind cloth come party, you don burn your rep be that}

 burst out


  to come out onto take this bush track and you will burst out onto the Onitsha road {especially roads or rivers}



  rustic, uncouth.



  uncultivated land, usually open savanna. In originally forest areas, woodland

 bush greens


  any green vegetable used in soup that is gathered from the bush

 bush man


  unsophisticated man

 bush mango


  tree and its fruit much prized for use in soup Irvingia gabonensis { ọgbọnọ}

 bush meat


  a village girl



  preparation of land for farming by burning weeds/scrub



  tree, Canarium schweinfurthii so-called because the oil can be used in lamps. Colonial-era expression no longer in use



  any wild felid.



  buffalo, Syncerus caffer.






  uncontrolled savanna/bush burning in the dry season



  kerosene lantern In the rickety wooden huts of Tselekwu, kerosine bush lamps fight a losing battle to dispel some of the pervasive darkness.



  unsophisticated person He is a bushman! he doesn't know city ways.



  any meat from a hunted animal; often served in special restaurants, and in bushmeat soup



  female visitor from the town, as opposed to the campus/hostels; considered less sophisticated than female students student slang



  a very local girl



  wild pig, usually Sus but can apply to Phacochoerus or Potamochoerus porcus Red River Hog.



  car or pickup that travels along back roads taking passengers



  prying person



  to cut up {any dead animal}; He is butchering the fish



  with butter in, not spread on buttered bread common inscription on bread labels



  exactly at {time} not 'in the period up to' He arrived by 2 p.m.

 byah byah


  bushy beard

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